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Brands are always looking for ways to increase engagement with their modern, digital audiences and are enthusiastic about producing multimedia content. Video in content marketing is becoming more prominent and when used effectively has the ability to substantially alter the perception of a brand.

The Axonn Research Video in Content Marketing survey canvassed the opinion of more than 600 creators, consumers and publishers of video content to gauge the frequency with which people view videos and to what end, as well as how people perceive brands that produce video content.

The results demonstrated that more than two-thirds of companies now use video in their content marketing strategies with 78% of organisations surveyed saying they were planning to use more video content in the future.

  • Seven out of ten people said their perception of a brand was positively altered after seeing interesting video content
  • A massive 75 per cent of people now share video content, and usually do so using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Almost one in five people are watching daily videos that are to do with their work

Marc Turley, head of Axonn Research, said of the results: “I expect to see an even bigger rise in businesses implementing multimedia within their content marketing strategies in the next year as it is already proving successful in engaging audiences and improving brand perception. This will be further boosted as the number of those with access to a mobile platform increases and sharing among social media users becomes even more prevalent.”