Talking to a Global Audience

Making Finance Work for Africa wants to build brand awareness and credibility as an industry thought leader, while offering useful and relevant content to potential and existing investors. The initiative wants to raise awareness of the importance of finance in Africa and provide information on current events. It also wants to keep members and visitors interested in the development of finance in Africa and provide a platform for communication and exchange on financial topics.


Increase awareness among African financial sectors.

Boost interest on-site and encourage repeat visitors.

Increase conversions, especally through newsletter sign-ups.




new visitors in last quarter


returning visitors in last quarter


newsletter sign-ups


Client Testimonial

Our long-term partnership with Axonn Media has helped us to connect with readers across Africa through high-quality news, infographics and videos in French and English. This strategy contributed to keeping members and visitors updated on the development of finance in Africa, and supported us in our mission to promote financial inclusion on the continent.

Olivier Vidal


Strategy and Tactics

There are over 96 million French speakers living in various countries in Africa and even more English speakers. In order to maximise exposure among the Making Finance Wok For Africa target audience, we create the following in both English and French:

– Daily news articles to build awareness and establish Making Finance Work For Africa as an expert in financial news

– Other bilingual content to address the target audience in Africa and reach as many people as possible

– Video and infographic to address the topic of finance in Africa on different levels


More results

– 26% increase in overall traffic to the site

– 32% increase in new visitors

– Over 87% of site visitors speak French or English, showing we’re attracting the right audience with tailored content

– 13% increase in returning visitors and an average session duration of two minutes shows users are engaged with the content

– 7,200 newsletter subscribers

– Top 5 Google ranking for “finance” and “Africa”