Don’t let COVID-19 hinder your business: 5 top tips for better communication

Posted By axonnmedia on 31st March 2020

Every member of society has been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with business closures, people self-isolating and major disruption seen throughout the UK.

It’s a difficult time for everyone, but for those who continue to work and meet the needs of their customers, business doesn’t stop. Despite the challenges we all face right now, there are steps you can take to make lives easier for your team members and to remind clients that your service hasn’t gone away.

Here are five tips to help you stay front and centre of your customer’s attention, while also supporting every member of your business to make the best of a testing situation:

Focus on multi-channel messaging

As many of your clients or potential future leads may have furloughed team members or reduced their operations in response to government measures to limit the spread of the virus, the traditional methods for contacting people may have changed.

When contacting customers directly, email may no longer be the most effective way to keep in touch. Instead, focus on a multi-channel approach to customer messaging. Rather than sending out emails that might be missed, consider connecting with key contacts via social media or even giving them a call to catch up – the personal touch may even be the best way to keep us all connected during this trying time.

Keep your communication open and honest

Key to ensuring you stay front of mind with customers, suppliers and business contacts is to be open and honest about your current situation. In these difficult times, no-one will expect every business to be operating as normal, but if you can update your contacts on what you’re doing to combat the disruption, this can provide great peace of mind.

Not only does regular communication help to assuage fears that your customers and contacts might have around their current service, it also acts to remind them of your offerings and to keep you at the forefront of their thinking for when situations return to normal (whenever that might be).

Focus on team morale

Keeping spirits high during what is an extremely stressful time for every business is no mean feat, but there are ways you can support your teams to adjust to the new normal.

Encouraging people to hold video conferencing calls and to show their face can be a good way to remind everyone that while we’re now all separate, we are all still in this together. Also, encourage people to laugh and have a joke, as lifting spirits could be as simple as getting everyone to give a tour of the work-from-home arrangements.

Be flexible with your teams

It’s absolutely essential at a time like this to be flexible with your team members in order to keep your business running smoothly. With the disruption of coronavirus and the need for social distancing, many people are now working from home and it’s easy to understand why some team members may be struggling to get to grips with new setups.

You can make things easier for both your teams and for customers by offering flexible working arrangements. It might be easier for some teams or departments to temporarily adjust their working hours, giving them the opportunity to work and schedule important meetings when the kids are in bed or the house is a bit quieter.

Explore the latest tech

Finally, as we mentioned, firms of all sizes have seen a massive uptake in the use of technologies that facilitate working from home, but with the wealth of options available, what do we recommend? G Suite could be a perfect solution for many companies.

It offers all the flexibility for logging in and working from anywhere, while also promoting collaborative efforts through real-time document sharing. Your team can log in to Google Hangouts for ‘face-to-face meetings’ and be simultaneously working on and sharing information.

In this difficult time, Axonn Media is here to help.