The Social Media Complainers

Posted By Axonn on 22nd April 2015

Poor customer service often brings out the worst in people.

Whether they are ranting over incompetent staff, delayed trains or inferior products, customers have never before had so many options available to them to make their dissatisfaction known to brands – and everyone else.

We’ve commissioned research into how people use social media to engage with brands when they are annoyed about something. The results, which you can download via the form, tell an interesting story.

The Complainers: How brands are letting people down on social media

While phone and email remain the two most popular avenues for customer complaints, social media is gaining ground, with 78 per cent saying they would contact a brand via social media to lodge a complaint.

They also expect a quick resolution, with nearly three in five saying they want a response within a day. A demanding four per cent expect a reply from a brand within half an hour.

The research, which was conducted by OnePoll among 1,000 social media users in the UK, discovered some interesting geographical differences between how people choose to complain. People in north-west England are most likely to take to Twitter to complain, while the south-west is home to the most prolific Facebook complainers and Londoners are the most likely complainers on Instagram.

Social media complainers across the UK