The four kinds of content you need to create

Posted By Axonn on 10th March 2016

When it comes to creating content, how do you know where to start?

From video to infographics to the humble blog post – how do you know what content you can and should produce?

This issue is one of the biggest challenges for content marketers. In the words of Julie Fleischer, Kraft Foods’ director of media and consumer engagement, “How do I remain agile enough to be topical but at the same time staying relevant and true to what it is you’re trying to communicate and build for our brand?”

Kraft however, have a great solution that we at Axonn love when creating content for ourselves and our clients (we discuss its importance in our ebook Your strategy made simple). They split their content needs into four different types in a quadrant based on two factors:

  • The production level involved – does this piece involve a big budget and resource, or is it a reactive piece with minimal resource needed?

  • How long will this piece of content last? Will it quickly date or is it an evergreen piece intended to stay relevant for a long time?

Based on this matrix there are four kinds of content you can create:

1. Perishable and produced

This is the kind of content you hope to reach that elusive status of ‘going viral’. It’s the kind of content you create for a particular event with a bigger budget and resource. This content won’t last forever, but the time and resource put in should help it to make a big splash when it’s launched.

Example: That great infographic you’ve been working on for Euro 2016.

2. Produced and evergreen

This is the content that is built to last. The content that is worth spending that little bit more on because it will never date and should sit on your site for a long time and can be reused or repurposed. These are your investment pieces, so these are the ones that really need your time and effort.

Example: A really perfectly polished video that brilliantly demonstrates some helpful advice about your industry.

3. Perishable and executional

This is the unplanned content that you jump on when you see an opportunity. It’s quickly produced and quickly irrelevant, but it can make a huge impact if it’s posted at the right time.

Example: That fun graphic you whipped up to jump on the #HappyBirthdayJustinBieber hashtag.

4. Executional and evergreen

These are the on going pieces that you continually create that can be reused and repurposed in different ways. These are content pieces that are evergreen, but without the resource expense of the produced and evergreen pieces. These pieces of content should be easily adjustable so they can be changed and updated as necessary.

Example: The blog posts you post on your website every week.

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