Why you should outsource your data analysis

Posted By Axonn on 26th November 2015

Content marketing isn’t really worth your time if you can’t assess the success of your efforts and prove ROI to your decision makers. But it’s not easy – most marketing managers will have a difficult enough time finding the hours to design and implement tracking, let alone stay on top of digital marketing trends to ensure they are heading in the best direction.

If you are one of these marketing managers, constantly battling with the hours in the day and the pressure to prove your effectiveness, using an external data insights team could be the answer to all your problems.

Here are the top 5 reasons to outsource your content marketing data analysis:

1. Innovation

Agencies allow for research time across all aspects of the digital marketing industry

Agency data teams will almost always have allocated research time, split into areas of expertise based on each team member’s specialism, that allow analysts to stay up to date with industry trends and influence their peers. Basically, they have the time pre-resourced to make sure they are on top of their data game.

How they spend their time is up to them, whether that’s reading books, researching online or attending conferences like MeasureCamp.

2. Practical Experience

Agency Data Analysts have practical experience across many sectors

There is great benefit in working across a wide variety of business types at an agency, as it makes a data team’s knowledge even greater through practical experience, as well as theoretical. A tracking technique/trend that has been identified for another client could then be adapted to enhance the analysis of your data in context to the economic climate (remaining discreet with raw data at all times).

This application of practical experience, combined with research time, means that content marketing strategies developed from agency data are consistently innovative.

3. Cohesion

Ideas inspired across all production teams

A data insights team at a full service agency like Axonn has direct access to all production teams so that new ideas incorporate everyone’s talents. This collaborative approach means that insight from data comes from an understanding of all the different aspects that go into making a great content marketing campaign. And it works both ways, because when development or editorial teams are creating great content, they work with data analysts to check the best way to structure URLs for search, or to make sure that the Calls To Action follow best practice.

At Axonn in particular, we pride ourselves on being T-shaped across many specialities.

4. Accuracy

Implementation of technical tracking

Sometimes, although marketers can see how they would ideally want to track something online, the technical setup of that tracking can require more in-depth knowledge of coding and analytics platforms. When the possibility that your data is inaccurate is just as detrimental as not having any data at all, how do you know you’ve got it all sorted?

An agency can not only design and simplify your tracking process, but ensure that the tracking is setup to accurately record all data sets needed for measuring success.

5. Fresh Analysis

Your data, but with new eyes

As a brand marketing team, you will know your website inside out, but looking at the same data set so frequently can sometimes prevent you from recognising valuable trends in the numbers.

Having a new set of eyes on your analytics from an agency data analyst will bring a fresh perspective on what your data is really telling you.

Whether you know a little or a lot about web analytics, data analysis and technical tracking, our data insights team can help you improve and structure your content marketing efforts.