Arrow Communications

Our website integration, content creation and community management strategy between April 2015 and March 2016 has helped Arrow Communications achieve sustained audience growth, based on 7 different metrics.


Improve awareness of the Arrow Communications brand among target audience on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Increase the number of relevant new users visiting the Arrow Communications website.

What We Did

Since beginning their partnership with Axonn Media in 2012, Arrow has seen a consistent increase in the number of relevant visitors to the Arrow Communications website. Multichannel activities undertaken in the last 12 months have further improved performance against Arrow’s objectives.

Axonn developed and integrated a Newsroom section into the Arrow website, after analysis of content performance and user behaviour revealed opportunities to improve lead generation. The purpose of the Newsroom is to house content that targets users around the consideration/interest stage of the buyer journey to purchase.

We assisted Arrow with social media promotion and community management strategies, improving awareness and engagement among Arrow’s target audience across LinkedIn and Twitter.

In our latest project, Axonn will create an internal web app for Arrow employees to reinforce Arrow’s culture of continuous improvement. The interactive app combines a variety of different creative media formats – visual animations and graphics, editorial, on-location videos – to achieve its objectives.


In the 6 months to April 2016


increase in Twitter impressions


increase in Twitter followers


impressions on LinkedIn

In the 11 months to April 2016


of all landing page visits were on the Newsroom


of all website traffic was in the Newsroom


of organic visitors entered the site via the Newsroom

Client Testimonial

“It takes a variety of activities across multiple channels to produce spectacular results. Axonn has helped us develop a consistent strategy which is proving to be very successful.”

Catherine Ingram
Marketing Manager