Heyland & Whittle

Heyland & Whittle is a quality soap and home fragrance manufacturer based in England. They create outstanding natural products with tradition, style and authenticity for a discerning market.


Heyland & Whittle wants to increase brand awareness and engagement by getting existing prospects and customers to buy into the brand, as well as increase engagement with the newsletter. Heyland & Whittle wants to build advocacy through positive word of mouth and to increase repeat purchase behaviour.


  • Increase brand awareness Grow traffic to site and increase social engagement.
  • Build brand authority Solidify Heyland & Whittle’s reputation as a natural, premium soap and fragrance company.
  • Increase conversions Competition entries, newsletter subscribers, website sign-ups and transactions.


To encourage engagement and conversion with Heyland & Whittle’s online competitions, we proposed a well-rounded content strategy involving a lot of different production teams. There were a lot of great minds working towards one end goal: conversion.

The strategy included development work, editorial, graphics, social media amplification and, of course, analysis.

Our development team created a landing page to host the ever-important data capture form. This page was updated for different campaigns and competitions, and the design and layout worked to optimise conversion.

The landing page content produced included fantastic custom graphics and promotional copy featuring terms approved by our social media team.

Six contributing features and one interview-lead piece were created and optimised each month, in order to attract and lead people to the competition landing page. This content acted as a support mechanism and a promotional, yet natural link to the landing page.

All of the content produced was amplified with a press release, email marketing campaign and social media promotion (no advertising).



increase in traffic to the site


new email subscribers


revenue made plus ongoing revenue

Client Testimonial

Being asked to double the revenue for Heyland & Whittle’s online retail site, I thought the directors were joking. After the initial shock had passed and the enormity of the task had set in, I wondered where I should start! The best decision was picking up the phone to Axonn Media.

The Axonn team are professional, experienced and  flexible in their approach.  Detailed and timely reporting has always shown that they deliver results. Many of the campaigns we have run through our blog proved to be profitable. To increase traffic to our site, content is king and the Axonn content has helped our SEO exposure no end.

If you are looking to make your e-commerce store stand out from the generic, one-dimensional format that they usually take, look no further than Axonn.

Dan Shaw – Marketing Manager