Intersystems is a global leader in data management, integration and analytics software.

Targeted towards healthcare, financial services and other data-crunching sectors, we oversee the day-to-day social media of Intersystems in the UK, as well as specific social media campaigns and engagement during events.


  • Increase engagement Target key decision makers within healthcare IT and grow engagement among this group on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Establish thought leadership Share the optimum content blend on social media to build Intersytems’ reputation as an industry thought leader.
  • Event support Increase social media engagement among the target audience during Intersystems events.


Reporting – Adapting ongoing strategy and tactics based on monthly performance stats.

PR/breaking news – By keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, we are able to create content as soon as big news breaks and talk about it on social.

Targeting – We use clear demographics to nurture online relationships with CTOs, CIOs and healthcare influencers in the UK, and tailor content to them.



increase in mentions during event


growth in monthly follower acquisition rate


increase in monthly impressions in first 3 months

Client Testimonial

In the UK we are reasonably new to social media as have not been in a position to invest in this marketing discipline before. It was therefore essential that whatever entity we employed to grow this area would be able to understand our starting point and educate us on standard social media activities as well as hand-holding us through creating social media campaigns without overwhelming us with all of the endless possibilities. Axonn have been excellent with this.

“We don’t know what we don’t know”, and therefore we heavily rely on Axonn to guide and suggest ideas as we go. I particularly like how self-sufficient they can be which alleviates the pressure on me.

As time has progressed our trust in Axonn is continuing to grow together with the number of followers and engagement they have created.

Well done and keep up the good work!

Helen Dew – Marketing Programmes Manager