Social Media Advertising Handbook [Download]

Posted By Joanne Lam on 15th January 2019

The success of any campaign relies heavily on targeting the right people. That’s why we believe social media platforms should play a big role in amplifying your message to your audience.

Each social media platform has its own targeting and set-up options and it can be difficult to know which channel or content can achieve the best results.

But help is at hand! You can navigate the social media marketing space like a pro with the help of our social media team who have put together a 55 page comprehensive guide on advertising on different platforms, improving targeting and creating the right content to achieve your goals.

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This step by step guide to social media advertising will:

  • show how you can use personas to plan your campaign
  • help you identify a social campaign journey
  • guide you through the different types of content available
  • give you a head start on tracking success
  • and run through detailed targeting and ad set-up options on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Preview the contents of the Social Media Handbook before you download: