Design trends to catch your clients’ eyes in 2018Design trends to catch your clients’ eyes in 2018

Design trends to catch your clients’ eyes in 2018

Written by Katy German on 16th Jan 2018

Consumer trends change quickly, especially in digital marketing. So what was fresh and attractive in 2017 may not necessarily work for your strategy over the next 12 months. Here we explore some of the biggest trends that will continue to develop during 2018 and explain how you can use them to engage your consumers.

Be bold with your colours

As seen with Dropbox’s rebrand, bold colours make an incredible impact. Combine this with elegant, simple design, and you’ll create attractive and fresh-looking content to see you through 2018. Minimalism was a key design trend in 2017 and bold colours will be an evolution of that, which makes it more straightforward to implement this in your marketing strategy.

You can take the same ideas of minimalist design – concise, simple, and with the core focus being on whether items add real value or not – and simply develop them to include a bolder colour palette.

Dropbox rebrand showcases bold colour palette of blue and pink
Photo Credit: Dropbox


“Since last year brands are using vibrant colour palettes that have high visual impact (as well as Dropbox, Ebay is another of my favourites). In 2018, we’ll see more brands focusing on a vibrant colour scheme to make their brand more memorable.”

  • Toni Baile, Senior Graphic Designer at Axonn.


Interactive content and web design

For many, 2018 will be the year when interactive content comes into its own. More and more consumers now crave a personalised user experience, and anything that falls short of this is likely to be left behind in the crowd.

Data insights are forming the core of marketing strategies because they allow companies to better understand their consumers and what they expect from them as a brand. As the tools to collect this information become more sophisticated and accurate, businesses are getting closer to finding out what really drives their customers.

Combine this information with sleek interactive content – like this Wall Street Journal timeline – and a website that complements it and you may just have found the secret to success.


Wall Street Journal Billion Dollar Startup Club graphic
Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

Abstract is back

If you think the 60s marked the end of a love of abstract shapes, then think again – they’re going to be a hot design trend for the year ahead. In 2017, we’ve seen geometric designs come to the fore, but in 2018 we’ll see more abstract designs in marketing. Combine simple shapes with bold colours for a fun, out-of-the-box design.

Isometric imagery will also become more popular. Digitally-rendered 3D designs, the images are usually bold and unforgiving, making an powerful statement in marketing or advertising material.

Set of editable vector seamless patterns on layers.
Photo Credit: miakievy via iStock


Animation and Motion Graphics

Illustration is nothing new in design, but it has evolved. Finding ways to use illustrations as the core for animation and motion graphics is an exciting way of sharing your story with your consumers. In 2018, finding new ways to incorporate these into your marketing strategy will be key. The possibilities are almost endless, as the media lends itself well to blogs and social media, as well as your web page design.


Channel 4 new ident showing deconstructed icon blocks moving in giant form
Photo Credit: Channel 4

“Using my own experience of transitioning from an illustrator to a motion designer, I’ve seen this medium grow into a big asset for brands.

From Channel 4’s recent idents, which show their deconstructed logo blocks moving around the screen, to small and large brands using illustrated gifs to promote on social media.”

– James McGuirk, Graphic Designer and Animator at Axonn.




Photographic content and intersecting elements

Thanks to the rise of image-based social media like Instagram and Pinterest, beautiful photography can form the breathtaking centrepiece of your design. As seen in National Geographic’s partnership with Subaru, images take centre stage and simple minimalist typography allows it to do all the talking.

You can easily combine these images with bold typography, which became increasingly popular in 2017. Text that leaves strict text boxes or traditional placements on a webpage will create innovative design that draws consumers in. Having this text intersect and overlap with other elements on the web page will make a startling and unique design that consumers are sure to remember.

Panoramic view of Zion Canyon from the top of Angels Landing in beautiful golden evening light at sunset on a sunny day with
Photo Credit: bluejayphoto via iStock


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