Challenges to marketers in the finance sector [ebook]Challenges to marketers in the finance sector [ebook]

Challenges to marketers in the finance sector [ebook]

Written by Axonn on 14th Sep 2015

Technological advances have made a huge impact on the financial services sector over the past decade, and while developments such as high-frequency trading have had a positive influence, technology has also brought with it real challenges.

In our latest ebook, the authors examined four of the major challenges that the finance industry faces.

Topics covered include:

  • The growth of automation – are robots a threat to those working in the financial services industry or their saviour?
  • How mobile technology is not just about being glued to our mobile phones, but about geopolitics and untethering from location
  • Why social media needs to be part of the finance industry’s revolution
  • The risks of all of the above

This ebook is an essential read for finance marketers in particular who need to be ahead of developments in their sector so they can prepare effectively.



Alan Boyce is the managing director of Axonn Media, and recently contributed a chapter to Next Generation Finance entitled “The Digital Revolution and its Effects on Financial Services Distribution and Communication”, from which this ebook is adapted.

Neil Wilson is the senior finance writer at Axonn, covering a broad variety of finance topics. Neil is particularly passionate about FinTech and central banks.



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