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Sun, Sea and Content Marketing

Written by Axonn on 22nd Apr 2015

When it comes to content marketing, businesses can no longer ignore the importance that having a strategy holds in getting a return on their investment, and even more so within the competitive travel industry. The travel sector needs to embrace content and use it to attract, engage and convert customers.

Our report entitled ‘Sun, sea, and content marketing: Producing the right content for travellers’ collected opinions from 474 professionals working throughout the travel sector to identify what audience companies were targeting with their content and how they were promoting it.

The results demonstrate 69.5 per cent of companies prioritise families as their main target audience, and content marketing efforts are twice as likely to target luxury travellers as budget travellers. Other findings include:

  • Facebook is the preferred social platform to share travel content
  • 52.9 per cent of firms who believe in the value of video as a tool to engage audiences do not currently produce or commission such content
  • 40.9 per cent of companies see user-generated content and curated content as very valuable

Karen Webber, marketing director at Axonn Media, said of the results: “Gaining a better understanding of content marketing strategy is vital within the travel industry, especially when there is such a need to increase conversions from website visits.

“I think those surveyed have shown interest in developing the way they create and promote content. If they are willing to spend more time and resources implementing a strategy and being more adventurous when creating content to engage their target audience, they will certainly see results.”


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