Why would a company join Travel Massive?Why would a company join Travel Massive?

Why would a company join Travel Massive?

Written by Emma Dodd on 8th Sep 2016

In this day and age, there are so many social networks and online communities it can be very difficult to decide which ones to be part of. After all, remaining active across multiple platforms can be tough for businesses. This can lead to running the risk of not fully engaging with any of them.


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While many social strategies aim to concentrate on a few of the big players, such as Facebook and perhaps Twitter, it’s important not to neglect your company’s niche. While the heavyweights often attract customers, an industry-specific platform can be a great way to connect with experts and engage brand ambassadors.

In the world of travel, a good one to become a part of is Travel Massive. As a community it prides itself on having thousands of industry insiders among its ranks. Members can connect with each other, meet and collaborate on projects that are mutually beneficial for all parties.

Can your travel company afford not to be part of it?

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Ways firms can benefit from joining Travel Massive

Travel Massive can be used in many different ways depending on the capacity in which a company is joining the community. It can help to achieve an organisation’s goals and become widely respected within the industry, which in turn filters through to customers and the wider general public.

Here are some of the ways Travel Massive could help your company:

  • Create a company profile that showcases what your brand stands for and how it would like to collaborate with others
  • Be a big noise within your local chapter and gain a loyal following from those in the same area as your business
  • Connect with bloggers, writers, editors and brand ambassadors to create rewarding partnerships that help put your products in the spotlight
  • Sponsor a Travel Massive event and gain promotion through skills development, education and awareness
  • Get coverage of an event you’re already hosting by adding it to the Travel Massive calendar
  • Create a stir on social media, as fellow members take part in activities organised by your firm and spread that all-important hashtag
  • Be part of a wider picture of the travel industry, helping to gain a reputation as experts

The Holiday Place case study

I have to confess that I am new to the platform and am only just starting out in terms of reaping the benefits it offers. One of the first things I did upon joining Travel Massive was to seek out any Axonn clients that have signed up to the community. Among them was The Holiday Place and its head of marketing and IT, Sergio Garcia Gonzalez, was forthcoming about the advantages of being involved.

He summed it up, saying: “I love travel and above all I consider myself a traveller, being a member of the Travel Massive community allows me to feel in close proximity to many other people who share the same feeling.”

So that’s his personal feelings towards Travel Massive, but what about the ways in which The Holiday Place use the platform to their advantage? The three key things Sergio highlighted are as follows:

  • A company that provides itself as being experts in the travel industry should ensure it is at the heart of the community. This means being well-connected and keeping up-to-date with news, trends and the views of others.
  • Travel Massive provides useful search engine optimisation (SEO) value, as profiles can link to a company’s site.
  • Connecting with other members has a number of benefits, including seeing what others in the industry are doing. This can be useful whether they are competitors or potential collaborators. The Holiday Place has even used Travel Massive to recruit staff in the past.

So what are you waiting for? Get your company signed up to Travel Massive now: https://travelmassive.com/


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