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If you have completed our content strategy course you should be buzzing with ideas and plans and have a to-do list full of tasks you can’t wait to get stuck into.

We want to help you tick one of those jobs off with the help of a free content audit spreadsheet.

What does the content audit spreadsheet do?

The content audit spreadsheet speeds up the process of obtaining a list of pages from your site for you to audit. To do this it makes use of the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on to retrieve data from GA. This is a great add-on and Google has a good implementation guide.

The spreadsheet also has some functionality to obtain the response codes for all of the pages. This means that these pages can be filtered out and you don’t need to spend time looking at pages that don’t exist.

Using the spreadsheet

To guide you in using the spreadsheet there is a series of instructional sidebars. These are accessible from a custom menu in the sheet. The added functionality to get the response codes is also accessible in these sidebars.

Some important things we will mention now are:

  • Install the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on if you haven’t already.
  • Make sure you are logged into the Google account where your GA data lives.
  • You need the id of the GA view that contains your data.
  • This can be found by going into the view admin in GA or by using the Account Explorer.

Authorising the app

The first time you try to open a sidebar the sheet will request authorisation. This is because the functionality makes use of accessing the Drive API to run code on the spreadsheet and accesses external URLs to get the response codes.

During the authorisation process you will see this screen. All projects that use Google APIs will show this screen until they are verified, irrespective of whether it is a full web application or a small spreadsheet.

Every copy of a spreadsheet using APIs would be considered a new project and so would require verification to remove this screen from the authorisation flow.

When you create a copy of the spreadsheet that project will become yours. Google recommends that the verification process is unnecessary if the project will be used only by your own Google accounts and not anyone else’s.

To bypass this screen, click the “Advanced” link and follow the instructions. If you wish to see what code is being run ,you can go to the Tools menu and click Script Editor.

Ready to get going?

  1. Go to the spreadsheet
  2. Go to File > Make a copy and save your own copy
  3. Get started, following the instructions above

Please note that this spreadsheet is always a work in progress as we try to improve it for users. Should you have any feedback or uncover a bug, please let us know by emailing!

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