100 tips for creating infographics100 tips for creating infographics

100 tips for creating infographics

Written by Axonn on 7th May 2015

But an infographic.

Oh, an infographic. Infographics have something for everyone. Long or short, smart or funny (sometimes even both!), but always gorgeous to look at and giving you just enough information that you want to go back for more. And you only need a quick glance to know if they’re the one for you.

When 83% of learning occurs visually, it’s no surprise that infographics are becoming more and more popular in the content marketing sphere. They’re 30 times more likely to be read than a text article, and picture-based posts are 300 times more likely to be shared on social media.

But how do you get started with an infographic? We’ve put together this very practical workbook crammed with 100 of our top tips for your infographic projects – covering everything from project planning to design to implementation to social media sharing.

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So what are you waiting for?

Download the workbook by filling in the form!

Fancy a little taste of what you’ll find in the ebook? Check out our Slideshare:

An infographic is like a really amazing first date.

Full of brilliant conversation, good-looking, engaging and something you want to tell all your mates about.

Of course, blog posts are still great. But they can get a bit stuffy, a bit … dull. Sometimes they’re not the most attractive of the bunch.

Whitepapers, well, they can be just a tad long, and they can go on a bit. You might need a break to call your friend or powder your nose.

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