Content Graphics Trends for 2016Content Graphics Trends for 2016

Content Graphics Trends for 2016

Written by Axonn on 5th Nov 2015

So 2015 is almost over. And what a year it’s been in terms of content marketing. A lot of revelations by industry leaders have shown that content doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to make it. Create it. Nurture it.

I want to talk to you about visual content. What trends you’re going to see more and more of over the next twelve months. Hopefully, you’ll find a little inspiration in these trends, which will allow you to go off and craft truly compelling content that will engage.

So what does 2016 hold for us?

Well, sadly all of this…


But there’s some good stuff too. Jeff Bezos once said: Your brand is what other people say about you when you when you’re not in the room.”

This is something that’s worth thinking about. Are the visual elements of your content worth shouting about? Are they pieces that people would share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter?

If not, then mix things up a little. Remember, picture-based posts have 600 times more engagement than text-based messages on social platforms, almost 90% move favourites and 150% more retweets. Posts with photographic elements on Facebook account for almost 90% of total interactions. Images and photos have been stated to be the most important tactic over 2015 in optimising social media posts.

Get on trend and start by looking at (if you haven’t already)…

Flat Design

Over 2016 we’re going to see a continuation of flat design. Honest, simple graphics with clean, raw shapes and colours. Flat design embraces the limits of the screen, rather than doing flashy things to disguise them. An added benefit is that it makes websites faster, with improved functionality.

Shapes and colours

Whilst not a new element by any stretch of the imagination, the current trend suggests an increase in the use of shapes in logos and elements such as shaped bullet points, sliced corners and background patterns.

Let’s look at colour. Trends suggest 2016 will incorporate colouring from the decade fashion forgot – the 80s.

The indication is that 2016 will see an increase in pastels and bright, vibrant retro colour schemes.


Dramatic typography will allow more scope for creativity. Sans types – Strict geometric forms without embellishment – are going to increase in use. Examples include Futura, Proxima Nova and Open Sans.

Custom illustrations and interactive animation

Individuality is something that inspires. This is why we’re going to see a lot more in terms of custom illustrations – unique and quirky designs that give brands more personality.

Interactivity is also the way forward. Interactive animations and microinteraction content are becoming more popular. They provide engagement with the visitor whilst allowing you to see the result of an action via direct manipulation. Very cool.

Stock photography

Finally, 2016 will see a continuation and increase in the use of stock imagery. As technology advances, so will the quality of images that we will be using on websites. Inspirational, eye-catching and high definition. You’re likely to see a mix of static and animated stock images (cinemagraphs), which work very well together.

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