How to never run out of content ideasHow to never run out of content ideas

How to never run out of content ideas

Written by Axonn on 11th Feb 2016

Last week I wrote about the 6 things you should do before launching a marketing campaign, but it’s easy to think that once a campaign has been launched and promoted that it’s time to move onto the next one.

We think this is such a waste! You’ve spent hours, weeks, months even, producing this great piece of content and then within a week or two it’s forgotten about. It’s like making Christmas dinner and throwing away the leftovers.

Unless your goals are incredibly time-sensitive (for example, if your content was very seasonal or based around a specific event) there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of it.

Here are some great ways of doing this:

  1. If you are not getting enough traction with your current amplification method, look at new ways to promote the content, such as through paid advertising on social

  2. Discover which themes of your campaign are getting the most traction and then re-promote the larger pieces by writing shorter, similar themed, content (to help widen the visibility of those bigger pieces).

  3. Re-purpose the content – Pull out the key points and start a new conversation

Here’s how to use these three techniques to create an endless stream of great content:

1. New ways to promote content

Exhausted your usual content promotion channels? Need to give your campaign a bit more exposure? Here are some great ways to give your campaign an extra boost:

  • Speak to your engagement team to find out what topics (or hashtags) are popular on social media and how you can link these to the themes of your campaign.

  • Launch a PR campaign and send out press releases or outreach invitations to relevant online publications. where necessary

  • Invest in some paid advertising on social posts that have done particularly well, or promote specific content to a target demographic

  • Send an email announcing your campaign to your newsletter subscribers and include a link to a piece of content they would find interesting from the campaign

  • Create a content roundup on a theme (for example “our best of content strategy”) and include your campaign.

2. New content creation to bait interest

The best part of putting all that work into a campaign is the opportunities it creates to easily build on it with new content. Here are some examples:

  • Go through your new campaign and look for themes you could develop into blog posts or a blog series. This isn’t classified as “repurposing” as these new content pieces are unique, but can be created off the back of ideas developed in your campaign.

  • Use your social networks to start conversations around these pieces, perhaps run a poll, and be sure to look at curated content as well. Create an email drip campaign for those who interacted with your initial campaign to engage them in the new pieces.

  • Include an “In case you missed it” link in your email newsletters or on social media to give you an opportunity to re share your older campaigns to a potentially new audience.

  • Recent change in your industry which means your content needs some changes? Update your content and promote it as an up-to-date version.

3. Repurpose in a new way

Repurposing involves taking the same content and reusing it on a different medium. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas:

  • Go through your campaign and see how you can use the same content in a different medium. Written content could be a blog series, key points could be a Slideshare or webinar, you could interview experts within your company on specific sections for a video or podcast.

  • See what resources you have available – video, animation, graphics etc. – and see how you can fit your existing content to those mediums

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