Make people fall in love with your contentMake people fall in love with your content

Make people fall in love with your content

Written by Axonn on 17th Feb 2015

Have you ever felt drawn to a particular brand with no real explanation as to why? Perhaps you walk past a number of coffee shops every morning on the way to work and have never even entertained the idea of visiting anything other than a Starbucks? Well there is a reason for this – we’re all secretly a little bit emotional!


It may sound a bit ‘out there’ but emotions actually impact on every aspect of a person’s daily life. It stands to reason then, that the business world is also affected by this innate human phenomena. In fact, a consumer or business buyer’s moods and emotions can have a huge impact on the success of business, especially through the relationship and connection they feel with certain brands.

Woodshop’s Sam Swisher and Trevor Shepard reported that 50 per cent of every buying decision is driven by emotion, so if half of consumers making a purchase based on how they feel at that moment in time, there must be a way for brands to capitalise on this.

But how can firms form an emotional connection with their audience?

The role of content marketing

Content marketing allows businesses to make use of the oldest marketing technique on the planet – storytelling. Think about marketing that has stuck with you in the past. Whether it’s the John Lewis annual Christmas cry-fest, or Vodafone’s famed “Dad…he’s left me” commercial, you’re much more likely to sit up and take notice when marketing makes an emotional connection with you.

Through interesting narrative and unique content you are much more likely to connect with a prospect and influence their opinion of (or feelings about) your brand. By using language that resonates with your audience you can really speak to them on a personal level further emphasising the worth of your product or service.


Who is your audience

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky famously said: “Build something 100 people love, not something one million people kind of like” – and he was right. Trying to appeal to everyone under the sun is a very difficult thing for a business to achieve, but by highlighting your target audience and meeting their needs, you are much likely to nurture an emotive response between your brand and consumer.

What’s more, by creating a positive image of the people who use your brand, you are more likely to get others to buy into it.

Create a personality

An audience can relate to something much more if they see it as a ‘who’ as opposed to a ‘what’. Take Coca-Cola, for example. The company has created one of the most recognisable brands in the world by positioning the product as friendly and confident. This has led to a broad consumer base connecting with the product on a much wider level than, for example, Coca-Cola’s closest rival Pepsi – Coca-Cola sells almost twice as much at Pepsi on a global scale.


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