Your personal inspiration calendarYour personal inspiration calendar

Your personal inspiration calendar

Written by Axonn on 21st Jan 2015

Our free downloadable calendar means you will never again miss out on the opportunity to create great content around Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th, by the way) and get alerted when industry events take place or important research reports are published.

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Using our Content Inspiration Calendar means you can turn your content around quickly if you need a short blog post, or have the extra time to plan long-form content. If you know what events are coming up, then take advantage – would your audience appreciate a lighthearted piece on the health benefits of National Curry Week (October 7-14th) or insightful advice on how to Clean Out Your Computer (February 10th)?

For Gmail users:

1. Click the link Content Inspiration Calendar or the small +Google Calendar button in the calendar below and it will open the calendar in a new window in ICAL (iCalendar) format.
2. Then sign in to your Google+ account and add the calendar to your Google Calendar app.

For Outlook users:

To subscribe to the Google Content Inspiration Calendar in Outlook, you will need to copy the calendar location over to Outlook and open the account settings to add a new calendar and paste the address. This should give you a version of the Google calendar that updates periodically in Outlook and downloads any new information.

To add to your feed:

You can use this XML link to paste the calendar in any feed reader use this address to subscribe to your calendar feed in Google Calendar, access your calendar from feed readers as well as products that support the iCalendar format (like Apple’s iCal). Or use this HTML link to access the calendar in any web browser annd view a read-only version of the calendar without signing in to Google Calendar.

Pick and choose to your heart’s content! We will be continuously updating the calendar as trade shows confirm their dates, thought leadership articles are published and helpful webinars are scheduled to make the most out of your content marketing efforts.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” – Thomas Edison

So with that quote in mind we’ve done some of the hard graft for you with our Content Inspiration Calendar.

No more blood, sweat and tears. No more struggling to find the time or resources to plan a full content calendar; we aim to inspire you and make your job easier.

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