Content marketing 2012 – 2016: then and nowContent marketing 2012 – 2016: then and now

Content marketing 2012 – 2016: then and now

Written by Axonn on 25th Oct 2016

Back in 2012 when I was a mere content marketing ​whipper-snapper – I had been at Axonn just a year – the company produced an innovative infographic. Little did we know at the time that The Anatomy of Content Marketing would become an important resource in the industry and one that would be widely linked to and referenced by people at the top of their game.


Fast forward four years and this particular piece of content is still talked about, but here at Axonn we don’t like to let the grass grow under our feet. After all, a lot has happened in content marketing since then and everybody knows it’s important to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

There was only one thing for it – to create a new Anatomy of Content Marketing piece, and it’s hoped that this one will be as successful as the first. Of course, it has all the bells and whistles that we have at our disposal today – parallax scrolling – nice! – but as with everything we do, the content is at its heart.

What I’ve learned from five years in content marketing

Who would have thought that I’d still be here working at Axonn half a decade after I attended an interview on The Headrow in Leeds?! Not me, that’s for sure. I was fresh out of journalism school and decked out in my tartan suit.

The main reason I’ve stayed is the fact that the job has changed so much and its constantly evolving nature is what keeps me interested. Content marketing still has the same basic fundamentals it did five years ago, but boy is it more complex and actually, far more effective.

Putting the audience first

It’s safe to say I don’t think I would still be in the industry if content marketing hadn’t moved on. These days the content that we produce is designed to interest and engage the reader in a way that helps to boost brand awareness and loyalty.

Back in the day – oh I sound so old – the focus was on getting a reader to a webpage by hook or by crook. Now, a lot more thought goes into the user journey and the overall experience. And if we’re all honest that’s better for everyone – the client, the reader and most of all, me. It means I get to write fascinating content that I’m proud to share, helping to spread the word.

No longer a stab in the dark

In the beginning, it was a case of trial and error. Content marketing agencies like Axonn were finding their feet and seeing what worked for clients and rolling it out further. While we are still innovating, publishing a few bits and pieces here and there will no longer suffice.

Getting the most out of content marketing – which is what we aim to do for all of our clients – requires an integrated strategy. This means that each and every action supports the others, creating a comprehensive message to deliver to potential customers and boost a brand’s advocacy.

Diversification of content

Long gone are the days of filling clients’ websites with a whole heap of news articles every day. Now, the content marketing offering is much more likely to have in-depth features, videos, infographics, quizzes and custom-made content that fits the audience and the industry.

There’s so much exciting stuff that can be created for a brand it not only seems a shame to go old school, but means potentially boring your customers. It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly niche and mundane industries can be brought to life by the campaigns we run at Axonn.

Focus on measurement

It used to be easy to see if your content is working. Simply go onto Google and type in your chosen keywords and the higher up the search results, the better you were doing. Now, there are much more sophisticated ways to measure your success and the goals are as diverse as the companies we create content for.

My specialism is travel and what one client is hoping to get from the service can be entirely different to another. After all, a low-cost airline may be looking to boost traffic to its flight booking pages exponentially, whereas a tailormade holiday company may just want a few more enquiries each month.

Each and every client is different, so there is no off-the-shelf content strategy that will work all round. An approach must be a carefully crafted process that involves both the client and the agency to ensure it is unique and results-driven.


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