What does Instagram’s new algorithm update mean for marketers?What does Instagram’s new algorithm update mean for marketers?

What does Instagram’s new algorithm update mean for marketers?

Written by Axonn on 29th Mar 2016

If you were browsing Instagram at any point on Monday evening, your usual feed of avocado on toast and puppies was likely interrupted by endless desperate requests to “turn on notifications for my posts” with a cutesy arrow and in some cases, a begging description of why you really, really should keep following this page.

It was like the Instagram apocalypse was coming (no seriously, I saw someone use the hashtag #whyinstagramwhy before I understood exactly what was going on).

So what is going on? Is it the end of Instagram as we know it? Where will I find photos of beautiful lattes and gym selfies now?

You might remember that, back in 2012, Instagram was very publicly bought by Facebook ( everyone thought it was the end of the world then too) and this is one of the first examples of Instagram becoming more like its owner.

And that’s a good thing..

Instagram’s new algorithm update (which it’s worth mentioning, hasn’t even come into effect yet) will mean that instead of viewing your feed chronologically, it will instead prioritise the kind of content you like to engage with. So if you’re always commenting on your best friend’s selfies, but hate-lurk that girl from high school without engaging, your real friend’s content will come up first.

Which is great really, because if you’re regularly commenting and liking content, it indicates that’s what you truly like. And Instagram wants to show you more of that.

But many marketers and bloggers have panicked, believing that Instagram is “taking away content” and are begging their followers “turn on notifications” to ensure none of them ever miss a duck face.

The reality is, if they are producing truly engaging content, they shouldn’t be worrying. As Gary Veynerchuk said in his post on the topic “the people who are upset are the ones who don’t bring value to their community.”

So, what does Instagram’s new algorithm update mean for marketers? If you’re doing social media marketing right, absolutely nothing.


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