Axonn’s roaring New Year partyAxonn’s roaring New Year party

Axonn’s roaring New Year party

Written by Axonn on 6th Feb 2015


Last month we had our first Axonn New Year party with all three offices, with the London and Leeds joining the Manchester office for a 1920s-themed night of drinks, dancing and fun.

We started the night playing detective with a murder mystery event thanks to Highly Suspect and then moved onto the main event, the much-coveted Axonn Awards!

All of our awards were based on our six core Axonn values and each award was nominated and voted for by Axonn staff.

The first award of the night was the Ray of Sunshine award, representing our value of make it fun! The nominees were…

  • Danny List

  • Fiona Austin

  • Aqsa Shehzadi

  • Brian Rose

And the winner was… Brian Rose!

unnamed (8).jpg

The next award was the Einstein award, for the one who loves to learn and share. The nominees were…

  • Tania Varga

  • Peter Yates

  • Nima Baniamer

And the winner was… Nima Baniamer!


The third award of the night was the award for the person who always takes responsibility for success, the Team Player award. The nominees were…

  • Brian Rose

  • Danny List

  • Huwaina Amir

  • Jake Brennan

  • Jen Morris

  • Joe Boyd

  • Nazia Chisty

And the winners were… Huwaina Amir and Jen Morris!

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Next up was the Creative Champion award, for the one who always embraces and drives creative ideas. The nominees were…

  • Adrienne Burns

  • Fiona Austin

  • Mel Moss

And the winner was… Adrienne Burns!

unnamed (12).jpg

The penultimate award of the night was the Action Hero award, for the one that makes good things happen. The nominees were…

  • Joe Livingstone

  • Katie Lancaster

  • Andy Mackay

  • Frank Hartkopf

  • James McCann

And the winner was… Joe Livingstone!

The final award of the night was a team award, for the Best Client Campaign, representing our value “if better is possible, good is not enough” and was scooped by Trek America Infographics campaign!

unnamed (11).jpg

The rest of the night was spent drinking, dancing and spending lots of time in the photobooth! Watch our video of the night below…

We work with some really, really great people here at Axonn. And every now and again we live to celebrate these great people and the great work they do!

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