What’s your worst Christmas joke? #JokesmasWhat’s your worst Christmas joke? #Jokesmas

What’s your worst Christmas joke? #Jokesmas

Written by Axonn on 23rd Dec 2015

We also love terrible, terrible Christmas jokes.

So here are our 12 jokes of Christmas…

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1. Why was the snowman unable to get a tan at Christmas?

2. Did Rudolph go to school?

3. What did Adam say to Eve on the day before Christmas?

4. What do you call Santa’s helpers?

5. What do you call a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa?

6. Why does Santa have three gardens?

7. What’s furry and minty?

8. What does Miley Cyrus have for Christmas dinner?

9. What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a duck?

10. Who brings sharks presents at Christmas?

11. What did the beaver say to the Christmas tree?

12. What did Santa Claus do when he went speed dating?

Ooh we are a funny bunch at Axonn. One of our values is “make it fun” and we had a great laugh making this year’s Christmas video.

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