September news round-up: The stories every marketer needs to knowSeptember news round-up: The stories every marketer needs to know

September news round-up: The stories every marketer needs to know

Written by Emma Dodd on 3rd Oct 2018
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From the latest in social media developments to a brand new CMS, September brought a number of evolutions to the world of marketing. As ever, Axonn brings you the stories that could have an impact on the way you do your job. Keep up-to-date on the tools of the trade and the developments that may just become invaluable.

New app Enty enters the fashion space

New apps pop up all the time, but the latest to cause a stir in the fashion industry is Enty, which markets itself as a personal stylist in your pocket. Facilitated by AI and with 140 fashion professionals offering advice, it matches users’ tastes and styles to global trends. If it fulfils its potential, then Enty may become an important platform for brands in the fashion space looking to influence the shopping habits of its audience.

TripAdvisor to become more like a social media platform

TripAdvisor has been a big name in the travel industry for a while, but it knows it must adapt to stay relevant. This is why the announcement that it will become more like a social media platform may not come as a surprise to many marketers. As a personalised travel hub, users will be able to follow friends, brands and influencers, as well as having their own profiles and saving recommendations. Marketers will also find it easier to create content for the platform.

Emma Dodd, senior travel writer at Axonn Media, said: “Most people use social media every day, making it a format they are comfortable with. As the likes of Facebook and Instagram often influence destination choice and planning, it makes sense to extend this with a TripAdvisor personalised travel hub.”

Instagram Stories to enable in-app shopping

Instagram Stories has been a huge success since its launch in 2016, but now the feature is set to become even more useful for marketers with the addition of in-app shopping. Advertisers will now be able to tag their videos with the featured products they are trying to promote and take users directly to the e-commerce sites to buy them.

John Simpson, content editor at Axonn Media, said: “This should come as no surprise and feels like a natural next step in Instagram’s purchase experience. Insta’s ads have had the facility to send potential buyers through to buying pages for a while now, so it makes sense that the Stories feature can now do the same.”

HubSpot has launched its own CMS

There are plenty of CMS options out there, but HubSpot is the first to launch one that is combined with a CRM. This will help marketers to personalise the customer experience and allow a website to be adaptable, which is of increasing need in the ever-changing online world.

Peter Yates, chief operating officer at Axonn, said: “What’s exciting about this news is how seamlessly HubSpot will be able to link CMS and CRM data, something that can otherwise trouble marketers. Added to this, you can personalise your content for different visitors based on factors like location or source, which means you can create a really unique experience and added boost to conversion rates.”

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