Who needs an agency anyway? Download ebookWho needs an agency anyway? Download ebook

Who needs an agency anyway? Download ebook

Written by Axonn on 30th Nov 2015

We all know content marketing is vital to digital success, but agency resources can be an important investment for your budget, so how do you know if you really need to outsource your content marketing?

In our ebook, “Who needs an agency anyway?” we examine the key reasons why organisations might choose to work with a content marketing agency -, the pitfalls to be avoided, what “fit” and “culture” really mean when it comes to choosing your agency, and what our clients really think of working with us.

This ebook is for you if:

  • You’re currently happy with your content offering but have some expansion aspirations

  • You think you might need some agency help but don’t know where to start

  • You have one area of your content marketing that you think could be more effective (strategy, content creation, technology or amplification)

  • You want to know how to choose the right agency for your business

  • You’re already working with an agency or two but you’re not sure if you’re getting the most from them

  • You want to know what it’s really like to work with an agency

From our 16 years experience in the content marketing industry, we know there are two main reasons for brands to get agency help:

  • You don’t have the resources in-house that you need

  • You don’t have the expertise in-house for what you need

Can you hand-on-heart swear that all aspects your current content marketing setup have both the time and the talent they need to be the most effective for your business?

How about outsourcing just a few features of your strategy? It’s understandable to think that content marketing needs to be either all in-house or all outsourced, but this is no longer the case. In fact, 62% of businesses outsource an element of their content marketing, and 44% of marketers use a mix of in-house an agency resources.

Maybe your content writing team are great but you don’t have the in-house resource to do the videos you have in mind.

Perhaps you have access to brilliant analytics data but you don’t know how to analyse it and implement it into your strategy.

Or maybe you are considering hiring an in-house writer but don’t know if you would be better outsourcing to an agency.

Or you are posting sporadically on social media but don’t have an expert in-house who can develop your amplification strategy.

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