TV Adverts

Build brand exposure and connect with your target audience through high-quality TV ads.

Television may be a well-established advertising medium in today’s digital age, but that doesn’t mean it has lost any of its power to help brands connect and engage with their audience. It’s easy to think that TV is just for the big brands, but there are plenty of options for smaller businesses looking to establish themselves. Local television, for example, represents a good opportunity to get your name known out into the immediate area.

The age-old benefits of TV ads still apply

Indeed, producing ads for TV broadcast can lead to a range of major benefits for your business.

Key advantages of this medium include:

  • Exposure – Television can transport your brand and its key messages directly into the homes of millions of potential customers. Unlike other formats like radio and outdoor advertising that people can easily tune out or ignore, TV ads have great power to grab and hold people’s attention.
  • Emotional impact – The combination of visual and audio content in television provides plenty of opportunities for you to design compelling adverts that have real emotional resonance. Whether you want to make your audience laugh, cry or feel inspired to take positive action, TV advertising can help you do it.
  • Targeting – You can increase the chances of your marketing messages reaching your desired audience by working with certain broadcasters or placing ads in carefully chosen spots in the TV schedule. If you’re a locally-focused business, for example, you can target the right demographic by advertising with independent or regional broadcasters.

Set goals to achieve success

If you want to really get the best out of the television format, you need high-quality adverts that will elicit positive responses from viewers and help you make those all-important emotional connections.

Right from the start, you need to decide what your goals are from the ad. It might be that you want to sell more products or services, increase brand awareness or get more followers on social media with a competition. Whatever your chosen outcome is, all stages of planning, shooting and placing your ad should be working towards this goal.

Combine TV with online marketing

Do not think of TV advertising as an alternative to online marketing but instead as a way to complement it. After all, television is now watched on all manner of devices thanks to the internet and a multi-channel approach can tap into the possibilities this represents.

TV ads can be used not only to send customers to your website but also to engage with your brand on other online platforms. Clever, fun and timely TV ads have also been known to go viral, so do not underestimate the symbiotic relationship between more traditional forms of advertising and modern modes of marketing.

Axonn’s extensive experience in video production means we can help you navigate every stage of the process of creating content for TV.