Twitter Advertising

Twitter is now many people’s first port of call for news, information and social updates, and this makes it an essential part of the marketing strategy for any brand, whether you’re a B2C or a B2B business.

With more than one billion accounts created on Twitter and more than 300 million people actively using the platform every month, you can’t afford not to have a presence on this platform.

But while sharing great content and responding to engagements from users is essential, it’s not the only way you can use Twitter to your advantage. If you want to stand out and ensure you’re speaking to the right people, you should also be considering a paid advertising strategy.

What can Twitter advertising do for you?

Twitter advertising might be an appealing option for your business if you’re looking for ways to connect with your customers and get yourself noticed amid all the noise and activity of the social media environment.

The fast-moving, immediate nature of the site makes it ideal for brands that want to form instant connections with their customers and build relationships in real time.

It can be especially useful for smaller brands seeking to form more personal connections with their customers. According to the site, 93% of people who follow a small or medium-sized business on the platform plan to buy from them in the near future, while 69% have already made a purchase because of content they saw on the network.

Twitter advertising is therefore a simple and affordable way to reach out to these people,  get your brand in front of the most relevant users and generate some quick results.

Key things to know for a successful Twitter advertising campaign

If you are to ensure that your own advertisements stand out and connect with the right audience, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of, including the advertising options available to you and the best techniques to improve engagement.

Twitter ads come in various guises, including:

  • Promoted tweets, which you can pay to place in the feeds of users you believe will be interested in your product or service.
  • Promoted trends, which Twitter describes as a “24-hour high-impact takeover” of the site’s list of trending topics. This is often used by brands to launch a new offering or to connect to what’s happening at a particular moment.
  • Promoted accounts, which sees users directed to accounts they don’t currently follow but may find interesting.

Whichever option you choose, however, there are certain things you must be able to do to really get the best out of this approach. It’s vital to write engaging ad copy to capture people’s attention, for instance, and high-quality visual content can also play a critical role in your outcomes.

Axonn can provide these and various other creative services, as well as the strategic know-how required to take full advantage of Twitter advertising.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Twitter to keep up with news, follow trends and get updates from organisations and individuals they’re interested in.

For brands and marketers, Twitter advertising offers great potential to connect with customers and get tangible returns on your investment in social media marketing.

The benefits of Twitter advertising

Twitter ads give you the opportunity to increase exposure and recognition of your brand among your target audience. By paying for promoted posts to appear in Twitter users’ feeds, for example, you can make sure you’re getting your name out there and increasing familiarity with who you are and what you do.

This can help you achieve what are likely to be among your most important marketing and ad campaign goals, such as:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Lead generation
  • Increasing sales and revenue

Advertising on Twitter can also prove particularly useful when you’re running a focused campaign and you want to encourage people to take specific actions like:

  • Downloading an app
  • Signing up to a free trial or product demonstration
  • Registering for a webinar or event

How to set up your Twitter ad account

Since your Twitter ad account is linked to the handle you use to create it, the first step in setting one up is to log in to your business Twitter account and go to You’ll then have to complete steps including:

  • Selecting your country and time zone
  • Choosing the country whose currency you want to be billed in
  • Identifying the time zone you want your Twitter ads campaign results to appear in

These selections can’t be changed once your account is active, so make sure you choose the right options at this stage.

You’ll also have to submit your billing information before you can start to use Twitter as an advertising platform.

Once you’ve completed the basics of setting up an account, you can begin to think about the details of your first Twitter campaign. That will mean considering factors like:

  • Launch date and campaign duration
  • Budget
  • Audience targeting
  • Creative ad specifications
  • Ad frequency

Another key part of setting up a Twitter advertising campaign is identifying the objectives you want to achieve, for example:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Gaining new followers
  • Increasing tweet engagement
  • Attracting website clicks
  • Boosting app install rates
  • Getting video views

How Twitter displays ads

Twitter ads come in various formats. Finding the most effective option for you is a key step on your way to succeeding with social media advertising.

Promoted ads

The standard form of Twitter advertising, promoted ads are tweets that you purchase to ensure they get a prominent position in users’ feeds.

They come in different forms, including:

  • Image ads: A single photo accompanied by a short piece of copy to showcase your product or service.
  • Video ads: A short video designed to showcase a particular aspect of your product or encourage specific customer actions.
  • Carousel ads: Up to six horizontally swipeable images or videos.

Follower ads

Follower ads also appear as a promoted tweet in the user’s timeline, but have the specific purpose of increasing the visibility of your account to gain more followers. Additionally, these ads appear as promoted account suggestions in the ‘Who to follow’ boxes that appear on Twitter’s home, profile and search results pages.

Twitter Amplify

You can use Twitter Amplify to align your ads with premium video content from relevant and respected publishers. You can choose between:

  • Amplify pre-roll, which lets you choose the categories of videos that your advertising will be served on.
  • Amplify sponsorship, which gives you a one-to-one pairing with a single publisher at the time you choose.

Tips for running Twitter ad campaigns

Twitter is a busy and highly competitive environment, so you need to plan your social media advertising strategies carefully to give yourself the best chance of getting noticed.

Creative pointers

When planning your copy and other creative aspects of your Twitter advertising, base your decisions on the customer’s perspective and think about what you want your audience to think, feel and do.

General best practices include:

  • Keep it short (15 seconds or less for videos, 50-100 characters for copy)
  • Make sure your visuals elements are eye-catching, impactful and memorable
  • Keep your branding coherent and consistent


Effective audience targeting is essential to make sure your ads are reaching the right people and you’re seeing the best possible results. Twitter provides a number of features to help this aspect of your advertising, such as conversation and event targeting and tailored audience tools.

Measuring results

It’s vital to use the right metrics and gather insights into how your Twitter advertising is performing, so you can measure return on investment and make any changes that might be required.

Key metrics you can track on your ads manager dashboard include:

  • Total impressions
  • Total spend
  • Audience reach
  • Average frequency

There are many factors to bear in mind where Twitter ads are concerned, and many tactics you can try to generate the best outcomes.

If you’re unsure what strategy is best for you and where you should start with Twitter advertising, consider teaming up with a specialist marketing agency to get the answers you need.