Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising might be an appealing option for your business if you’re looking for ways to connect with your customers and get yourself noticed amid all the noise and activity of the social media environment.

More than one billion accounts have been created on Twitter, and more than 300 million people actively use the platform every month.

The fast-moving, immediate nature of the site makes it ideal for brands that want to form instant connections with their customers and build relationships in real time.

These features also make Twitter a good option for digital advertising. Twitter ads come in various guises, including:

  • Promoted tweets, which you can pay to place in the feeds of users you believe will be interested in your product or service.
  • Promoted trends, which Twitter describes as a “24-hour high-impact takeover” of the site’s list of trending topics. This is often used by brands to launch a new offering or to connect to what’s happening at a particular moment.
  • Promoted accounts, which sees users directed to accounts they don’t currently follow but may find interesting.

Twitter advertising is a simple and affordable way to get your brand in front of the most relevant users and generate some quick results.

To really get the best out of this approach, however, there are certain things you must be able to do. It’s vital to write engaging ad copy to capture people’s attention, for instance, and high-quality visual content can also play a critical role in your outcomes.

Axonn can provide these and various other creative services, as well as the strategic know-how required to take full advantage of Twitter advertising.

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