Client Case Studies

When a prospective customer is preparing to make their final purchasing decision, they’ll be looking for proof that you can really deliver on your promises.

Showing your work

People are always looking for recommendations, whether it’s in their personal life or at work and you need to harness that power in your marketing. Just as someone will rave about a new craft beer bar, they’ll be happy to spread the news of a company that offers a high level of customer service and a great product.

It’s at this stage of the buyer’s journey that case studies can prove invaluable. You can position them on your website, include them in email campaigns and highlight snippets on social media to demonstrate past success.

Crafting compelling case studies

Case studies are an excellent way for you to show that you can follow up on all the bold claims and statements made in your marketing. They provide proof that you’ve delivered results for your customers many times in the past and can do the same again in the future.

Here are some of the ways you can make case studies a key part of your marketing strategy:

  • Create a dedicated page on your website to showcase your case studies.
  • Put the case studies you’re most proud of on your homepage, to increase the likelihood of website visitors coming across them.
  • Use your blog as a platform to shout about your latest case studies and discuss their highlights.

Think about how your case studies can be converted into other valuable content, like videos, infographics or Twitter cards. Once you have a case study, repackaging it to meet a plethora of marketing needs is relatively simple and with some engaging design elements, they can really make your website sing.

Potential clients will look at case studies to identify where you have provided similar products or services for companies within their industry. They’ll be able to see how adaptable you are at creating bespoke solutions based on a customer’s brief. And how you consistently produce results every time.

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Get the most from case studies

In order for a case study to perform its function properly, it must show quantifiable results and demonstrate how your company solved a pain point for the customer. It should be formatted and presented in a professional manner. While testimonials can be emotive, case studies tap into the real substance of the issue with social proof you can deliver.

Effective use of case studies can unlock a range of benefits for your business, most notably higher conversion rates as leads see your track record for delivering results for your customers.