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How to use social listening when building a new website

Many people like to share anything and everything about their lives on social media. They vent, they celebrate, they complain, they share their interests and passions, and in many cases, they don’t think twice about the things they post on their favoured social channels. But from a marketing perspective, the never-ending stream of tweets, Facebook […]

How to drive success in social media engagement

For any business that (for whatever reason) is still unsure about the enormous benefits to be gained from using social media to connect with customers, here are some eye-opening stats for you: If you’re well aware of the potential of social media channels but just don’t know how to make the most of it, here […]

Will Google put AI features behind a paywall?

Google is considering putting new AI-powered features behind a paywall in a move that could have far-reaching implications for SEO. If the search giant starts charging for premium features it will be the first time any of its core products have been behind a paywall. The proposed shake up of the business model could change […]

5 steps to a stronger content and social strategy

Every business is unique, and your social media and content marketing strategies should reflect what distinguishes you from your competitors.  When the time comes to rethink your social media strategy and plan a fresh approach to your promotional activities, consider the following questions and priorities to set yourself on the right track. 1. What are […]

Everything you need to know about links

Links are often overlooked, but they’re an important part of SEO, so you need to know how to use them correctly. In fact, great linking – in all its forms – could be the difference between you and your competition. Once you understand the nuances and how to utilise links to their full potential, you’ll […]

Paid social advertising is not a dirty tactic

Buying social media followers and likes is bad. But paying for well-targeted social advertising is a savvy way to improve your reach on social and complement your organic efforts. When you find out that the cost to reach 1,000 people on Facebook via paid social advertising is $12 (£9.44), it’s clear to see the returns. […]

4 ways to email marketing success

According to Statista, there are 4.3 billion email users in 2024. You should be marketing to them. Yes, there are newer, flashier platforms to tap into, but the truth is that email marketing is still a lucrative channel and should not be overlooked. But, like all things in this arena, there are ways to do […]

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Why work with a social media advertising agency?

Social media is a dominant force in the digital landscape to penetrate new markets and reach ideal customers where they’re already spending their time. Why social media marketing matters Whether you choose to focus on paid advertising (also called PPC advertising), organic social media marketing, or a combination of both – there’s plenty of scope […]

Create the ultimate paid social media advertising strategy

Social media has become an inescapable part of the digital marketing mix, but there’s only so far you can get with organic content ALONE. Summary Paid social media advertising can deliver powerful returns, but only if you have an effective strategy. Find out what you need to focus on to get results from your social […]

Social Media Management Services

Social media can be your business’ shop window, but understanding what works best to drive engagement with your audience takes experience and know-how. The importance of social media management More than half of the global population – some 4.33 billion people – now use social media, with Facebook alone registering over three billion active users […]

The complete guide to LinkedIn ad specs

Summary If you’re a B2B brand looking to build awareness, develop relationships with your audience and generate leads, LinkedIn advertising could be just the ticket. Find out what you need to know about getting started with LinkedIn ads and the various formats you have to choose from. LinkedIn currently boasts more than one billion users […]

Advertising in social media

Promote your brand and services with targeted social media advertising and start reaping the benefits of greater engagement with prospects and customers. Why advertise on social media Social media is a dynamic, seemingly ever-expanding space that provides countless opportunities for companies to build their brands and engage with customers. As there are more than five […]

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A complete guide to social media for business users

Summary Effective use of social media is a critical part of any business’ digital marketing strategy. Find out everything you need to know about how to make the most of this in order to boost traffic, engage customers and improve your brand image. Why is social media important for business users across all sectors? No […]

Understanding different types of social media and how to use them

Summary With so many different types of social media to choose from, how can you ensure you’re making the right calls for your business? The social media universe is expanding and growing more diverse with each passing year. While this offers unprecedented opportunities for marketing, it can also make it difficult for businesses to know […]

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The marketer’s guide to social media

Summary Social media marketing is an indispensable part of any business’ digital strategy. What should professionals know before embarking on a campaign on these platforms? Find out how to get starting, where to focus your efforts and what you should be looking at the measure success. Social media is something no business can afford to […]