CRM Integrations

Integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) system with your website brings together two fundamental elements of your marketing function.

One of the biggest benefits to be gained from this approach is the delivery of a higher-quality experience to your customers.

If your website and your CRM are integrated, every time a customer takes an action on your site – such as making an enquiry or communicating with your customer service team – it will be logged and automatically added to their record in your CRM.

This can make a big contribution to your understanding of your customers – and consequently your ability to serve them effectively – because you have an up-to-date, constantly evolving picture of their needs, expectations and pain points.

Other advantages you can gain from integrating your website with your CRM include:

  • Avoiding the ‘silo’ effect of different individuals and teams having access to different customer data and failing to share it with others in the business
  • More sales opportunities, as leads whose activity on your website shows a willingness to buy will instantly be flagged in your CRM
  • Less time spent on admin and data management, since customer actions and communications are automatically logged in your CRM, eliminating the need for manual entry

If you’re keen to start seeing the benefits of CRM integration, or you have some questions about the technical side of the process, Axonn can help you find the answers.

We have extensive experience in helping a wide range of clients with both the technical and creative aspects of their marketing.

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