Interactive Web Applications

Engage with your customers and audience by doing something different – interactive applications can prove A popular addition to your marketing strategy.

Why use interactive web applications?

If you’re looking to add an exciting new dimension to your digital marketing or overhaul your website, a good way to do it is by producing interactive web applications.

These fun and engaging assets can have a big impact on key aspects of your marketing like brand awareness, customer engagement and lead generation. They can engage customers, get them talking about your brand and encourage them to share their experiences on platforms like social media.

The types of interactive web application you can use

Interactive web apps can come in many shapes and sizes, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Sometime, you may need an informative app that can help potential customers understand the benefits of your product or service, and which directly guides people down the buying funnel towards a conversion.

Elsewhere, they can also be used to spark interest in a brand, get them thinking about what you offer in a new way, or give you insight into what your customers’ priorities are.

Some of the main types of interactive web app include:

  • Calculators that help your customers understand their current situation or demonstrate the value they can expect to receive from your product or service. This can be a particularly good option if there’s a financial element to your business.
  • Polls and surveys, which provide a fun experience for your audience and can also generate useful insights that inform other aspects of your marketing.
  • Interactive quizzes to add a sense of fun and entertainment to your content offering, with the added bonus of including calls to action to encourage conversions.
  • Interactive 360 videos, for when you want to give your audience a unique view of your business, the products you provide or a particular subject they will be interested in.
  • Webinars, which provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of experts and share their views.

Whichever type of application you think will work best for you, there are a few key factors you need to remember. Interactive experiences need to work smoothly, be visually engaging, and be usable across multiple platforms.

The benefits of interactive web applications 

There are many benefits to be gained from incorporating these sorts of features into your marketing.

They’re highly engaging, educational and shareable, meaning they have huge potential to boost your brand profile, generate new leads and strengthen your relationships with existing customers.

It can also help set you apart from your competitors, offering a unique experience that will make your brand stick in the minds of potential customers and give your reputation as a trusted, reliable partner a boost.

The support firms need to succeed

Creating, deploying and managing these applications can be tricky, however, which is why it pays to have a trusted partner of your own to turn to.

Axonn can help you start to see the benefits of interactive web apps by coming up with ideas that would work particularly well for your business, producing the assets and supplying extra content to support and promote the apps.