Landing Page Content

Landing pages are otherwise known as destination pages, static pages or lead capture pages. They are the place a user is taken when clicking on a link in a search engine results page, marketing promotion or online ad. 

Landing pages represent an important part of your overall content offering and wider marketing strategy, largely because of their versatility. They come in various forms, to help you achieve a number of different goals.

Lead capture page

As the name suggests, lead capture pages are designed with the specific aim of collecting the contact details of leads who will ideally become customers. They’re often used as a gateway to a piece of premium content, such as an in-depth guide or whitepaper. Users are asked to fill in a data capture form and consent to being contacted in order to access the content.

The valuable data that is collected can then be used in other areas of your marketing strategy. It will help to guide potential customers down the buying funnel, giving you the chance to target them directly with personalised content.

Click-through page

Click-through pages are usually found between key areas of your funnel, such as the ad and the shopping cart. They should never contain a form and can be likened to the small talk you would employ in a face-to-face sale. Click-through pages can big up your product and warm up your audience in preparation for buying without pushing the hard-sell.

They are used to highlight the various features and advantages of your product before inviting customers to click on a call-to-action button. This will take them to a new page where, having read about the benefits you offer, the customer can take the next step in their journey, such as signing up for a free trial or demonstration.

‘About us’ page

Every page on your website can deliver value in some way, including the ‘About us’ section. Most companies have one on their site, but many are not using them to their full potential. Fundamentally, the page should talk about your business’ history in a way that shows your brand’s identity and vision, but it can achieve so much more.

Calls to action on this page can direct visitors to your product pages, encourage them to follow you on social media or sign up for your email newsletter. As well as driving sales, these actions can help to improve brand loyalty and increase engagement, keeping your company in mind in the long-term, not just for the few minutes a user is on your site.

How Axonn can help

You need to make sure your landing pages are working hard to fulfil their potential. If you feel there is scope for improvement in your landing pages, or you’re missing out on opportunities in this area of your marketing, Axonn can help with bespoke planning, production and the measurement of results to ensure they’re spot on.