Product Campaigns

If you’re proud of your products and want to showcase them to the widest possible audience, you should be thinking about product marketing campaigns.

There are many advantages to be gained from product-focused campaigns. As well as increased sales and revenue, you can expect to see benefits like:

  • Better understanding of your customers and what they expect from your products.
  • Research-based insights into your competitors and their product and marketing strategies.
  • Effective positioning of your product in the marketplace.

Achieve positive results

One of the most important ingredients you need to get positive results from your product marketing is high-quality content.

With the right mix of assets like blog posts, videos, graphics and case studies, you can set your product offering apart and make a case for why customers should buy from you over your competitors.

The right content can help you:

  • Tell a compelling product story that illustrates how it can benefit buyers or solve their problems.
  • Ensure your product marketing is aligned with the rest of your brand messaging.
  • Deliver something different to what your competitors are offering.
  • Support product launches to achieve high levels of interest and engagement.
  • Reignite interest in a product that has been on the market for a long period of time.

Set measurable goals

The only way you will know if your product campaign has been a success is if you set specific goals from the beginning. This means using your current position as a benchmark then deciding exactly where you want to be once you have launched your campaign.

Not only will this measure the effect your campaign has, but it will influence the choices you make along the way. It’s impossible to make decisions about the direction to take if you don’t know where you’re going.

This information will help you to decide on the mix of content you put into your campaign. After all, the most successful strategies involve multiple media to harness pockets of potential customers across the digital space.

Convey a consistent message

Throughout your entire product campaign it’s important to have a strong and clear message. This should be repeated in all of your assets and contribute to channeling your potential customers through the buying funnel.

One element of this will be your call to action, which will be directly related to the goals you set out at the start. Whether you’re trying to boost sales or better understand a pain point for your audience, how you word your call to action will affect how successful this outcome is.

If you’re keen to make high-quality content a central part of your future product campaigns but you have some questions about how to go about it, Axonn can help you find the answers.

We have extensive experience in the content marketing space and have helped a wide range of companies in various industries to plan, execute and measure their product marketing.