Lead Generation

For a business to succeed, it needs the right type of customers. We’ll drive your target audience towards your products.


Lead generation focuses on attracting potential customers to your business, and it plays an essential role in any digital marketing strategy.

Understanding the needs, desires and pain points of your target audience through data lets you tailor information to attract and qualify leads. Moreover, these insights help you nurture your relationships to ensure they’re long-lasting and built on trust.

Here at Axonn, we’re experts in lead generation across all channels, from email to social media. From content creation to paid advertising strategies, we know what it takes to develop and execute an effective B2C or B2B lead generation strategy tailored to your business.

Google Ads

Billions of people use Google every single day, so it’s the obvious place to start if you want to reach a huge audience of potential leads.

Google Ads is a form of PPC advertising and an effective lead generation tool. It can be used to attract high-quality traffic to your website and reach prospective customers through paid advertisements. These can be tailored to encourage your audience to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product.

We can help you develop a Google Ads strategy to generate leads and increase traffic to your website. With our strategic insight and skills, you can rest assured that your ads will reach the right audience with the right message.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising helps to ensure your marketing efforts are seen by the right people. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn make it simple to guide your audience to take a desired next step with calls-to-action, forms and features like the swipe-up option.

With an effective social media advertising plan, you can reach a huge audience of potential customers where they already spend their time.

Axonn can guide you in developing a social media ad strategy that covers all of the most-used platforms and content types, including written copy, graphics and video. From content ideation to ad management and analytics, we know how to design and execute campaigns that attract the leads you need.


Prospecting is an aspect of lead generation that involves identifying and qualifying new clients before moving them through the sales funnel. It’s typically undertaken by the sales team and uses techniques such as cold calling, outbound emailing and direct messaging on social media.

Axonn can develop a strategy tailored to your business and provide all the collateral necessary for effective prospecting.

By gaining a deep understanding of your audience, we can create exceptional content to support your agents and demonstrate the value you can offer potential customers.

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