Find reports boring? They don’t have to be. We provide comprehensive insights that tell the story of your business.


Regular reporting is vital for you to know where you’re making progress and what areas require attention to improve your ROI. It takes all the ambiguity and guesswork out of building a marketing strategy and allocating your budget.

Effective reporting needs expertise, however, and that’s where we come in. At Axonn, we use all the analytics tools at our disposal to give you a complete picture of your performance at all times.

Seeing clearly what your audience responds to and what isn’t delivering results helps drive the next stage of your marketing. It all comes down to not just having the right data, but being able to interpret and understand it.

If that’s something you feel unsure about, we’re here to help.

Monthly Data Snapshots.

Quarterly reports are great for in-depth, long-term planning, but if you rely only on a full breakdown, you’ll miss out on opportunities for quick wins.

Being the first to know about changes in the market or particularly effective campaigns gives you the inside track to make adjustments and focus resources where they can do the most good.

Our monthly data snapshots provide a fast summary of what’s going on as it happens, so you always know how you’re getting on with SEO, lead generation, conversions and other crucial marketing goals.

Quarterly Reporting.

Your main source of information should be the quarterly report. This drills down into everything that’s been done in the previous three months and what it means for your next steps. Got questions about your marketing strategy, recent results and where you need to adapt? This is where you find your answers.

What worked? What didn’t? What should you be doing more of? All these questions and many more will be answered for you in a clear, concise format.

At Axonn, we produce in-depth quarterly reports in a format that everyone can understand, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or dipping your toe into digital marketing for the first time.

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