Technical SEO

Don’t let minor issues become a major problem. We’re SEO experts, so let’s fix what isn’t working for your business.


Maybe you’ve got a great website with loads of interesting content and useful products and services for customers, but nobody can find it.

Not only is all the hard work that went into creating it going to waste, but you can’t convert leads if your online presence is swamped by those with better SEO know-how.

Axonn can make sure your site is discoverable online by getting the technical side of things right and delivering users directly to your door.


Effective technical SEO requires an understanding of web infrastructure. We’re experts in this and will listen to your needs to create an optimisation strategy that works for you and your customers.

Keeping your website up to date with SEO best practices attracts visitors and ensures you won’t get lost in a sea of competition.

When it comes to navigating the complex world of technical SEO, Axonn’s got all the tools and the know-how to help with search engine indexing, crawl errors, site speed and more.


Examining areas requiring improvement that may negatively affect your wider SEO performance and site traffic can seem daunting.

Page loading times and breadcrumb menus, for instance, are vital for user experience, and neglecting them can seriously limit your traffic. It’s these things that you might not have thought about that could be holding you back.

We support our clients in giving these issues the attention they need and delivering the best possible user experience, which contributes to wider marketing goals such as brand perception, lead generation and conversion.

Quick Wins.

Think of the small optimisation tasks you can achieve in a short amount of time. That could include jobs like submitting your sitemap to Google, reducing image file sizes to boost page loading speeds and finding and removing duplicate content.

These quick wins all add up and will help your website meet its potential to generate value for your business.

Together we can work with the existing foundations of your site and elevate it to the next level.

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