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Delivering a high-quality experience to your customers and target audience should play a key role in any marketing strategy. If your digital assets are slow, confusing or annoying to interact with, potential customers will not stick around long enough to learn what’s great about your business.

Website design must therefore be a key element of your overall marketing strategy, not something that’s left just to the IT department.

Why your website design matters

Your website is one of the most powerful representations of your brand. When a new lead or prospective customer wants to find out more about you, one of the first things they will do is visit your website, so it should give a positive impression from the moment they arrive. 

Indeed, the old mantra that first impressions matter applies as much to your website as it does to anything else. Consider these facts:

  • 94 per cent of a visitor’s initial opinions of a site comes from its design 
  • 50 milliseconds is how long it takes for users to form an impression of a website
  • $2.6 billion in revenue is lost every year due to poorly-performing websites

It’s therefore clear that website design will have a direct impact on your bottom line, so taking the time to make sure it looks and works as intended is vital.

Your website also has a vital part to play in supporting your brand identity, from the colours and imagery that evoke your brand’s style and ethos to the sort of language you use to communicate with your audience.

Furthermore, strong web design is crucial for nurturing leads and supporting your customers as they progress along their buying journey.

Getting your website design right

If people are attracted to your website by your blog or some compelling video content you’ve shared on social media, for example, it’s crucial that other elements of your site are just as engaging and make it easy for visitors to take their next steps towards buying from you.

It’s also important to remember that good website design isn’t just about how it looks – its about how it performs. If you’ve got a large number of complex interactive elements on a page, for example, this can have a negative impact on its loading speeds, which can put off potential customers.

Image credit:iStock/Herman Vasyliev

There is also, increasingly, the issue of how your website design translates between devices. With more people using smartphones or tablets as their primary computing devices, it’s vital that you’re able to offer a clear, fully-functional experience on these devices without compromising readability or performance.

Ultimately, the better your website design, the stronger an impression you’ll make.

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Axonn can support you

There are certain technical expertise and capabilities required to make your website the best it can be, so it’s a good idea to get outside help if you’re not confident in navigating this area yourself.

Axonn can provide the support and services you need to optimise your web design and deliver a high-level experience to your site visitors.