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A finger tapping a smartphone, with a laptop in the background
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Common underhand marketing tactics to look out for – and how to avoid them

Summary Dan Cartwright is Axonn’s Head of Strategy. In this piece, he talks about some of the unethical tactics he’s seen marketing agencies use over the years, what problems these can cause for clients, and what businesses should be looking for in a partner. A lot of firms will turn to agencies for help with […]

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Mistakes you’re making with your business blog

Eliminate these most commonly made mistakes in your business blog and you’ll find you improve your reach, engagement and lead generation. Content marketing trends come and go, but one that remains constant is blogging. According to Hubspot, companies with an active blog get 55 per cent more website visitors, 67 per cent more sales opportunities […]

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Quality content: The job’s not over when you hit publish

Content creation gets a lot of attention, but there’s more to successful content than simply publishing it. There are steps you need to take minutes, hours, weeks and even months after it’s gone live to ensure you’re making the most of it. Firstly, you need to ensure your content gets seen, then you need to […]

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Working with an agency: How feedback fuels the creative process

Feedback is an essential part of content creation, so it’s important to work with an agency that values this crucial step. What’s more, it’s worth scrutinising how the process of client feedback is handled before deciding on which marketing agency to use. After all, you’re likely to repeat the task of giving feedback multiple times, […]

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The evolving role of personalisation in marketing

Personalisation is nothing new in the world of marketing, but its uses are constantly changing. Brands now need to find the balance between delivering a personalised experience and respecting boundaries, especially in terms of data. As we head into 2024, customers are becoming more aware of the value of their data. While fewer are keen […]

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5 marketing trends that will be influencing your content in 2024

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving sector, which is one of the things that make it so exciting. As 2023 draws to a close, we look at the trends we think will be shaping your content in 2024 and beyond. At Axonn, we’re huge fans of planning as it’s the most effective way to ensure […]

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On-page SEO and off-page SEO: What’s the difference?

There’s just one type of search engine optimisation (SEO), right? Nope, there’s a number of different variations and knowing the difference is key to ensuring you’re getting it right. We’ve already covered the key elements that differentiate local and international SEO, but what about on-page and off-page varieties? These two distinct SEO practices perform different […]

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What is Google SGE?

Putting the words Google and artificial intelligence (AI) into the same sentence is enough to spread fear among many digital marketers. After the initial concern and a little digging, Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) doesn’t seem so scary. After all, as marketers we’re used to change. Our industry is evolving all the time and standing […]

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How to be helpful online

September 2023 saw search engine giant Google tweak its Helpful Content Update, making it now more important than ever to adopt best practice for online success. As the digital landscape continues to shift, what do these changes mean for marketers and how can we make sure we’re maximising our content to be as ‘helpful’ as […]

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The digital challenges of reinventing a heritage travel brand

What happens when a well-known brand acknowledges it has become outdated and tries to reinvent itself for a new audience? While it may sound like a gamble, everyone in marketing has heard the phrase ‘adapt or die’ and there’s no point in holding onto something that’s simply not working anymore, no matter how recognisable it […]