If you’re looking to mix up your content marketing and give your audience something more than blog posts and social media updates to enjoy, eBooks are an excellent way to do it. 

This is an ideal format when you come across subjects on your blog that you would like to explore in more depth – eBooks allow you to go into more detail than is possible in regular blog posts, but aren’t as heavily researched or data-packed as whitepapers.

They can form the central point of a campaign, with other content feeding into the idea of downloading the eBook. Promotional emails, social media posts, blogs and podcasts can all help to create a buzz around the eBook, drive engagement and ultimately, leads.

How eBooks can drive real results

One of the key benefits of eBooks is that they’re downloadable, which gives you an opportunity to collect lead information. Your customers, meanwhile, receive added value in having something they can download and keep, rather than simply reading online.

Here are some other powerful advantages of eBooks:

  • Brand trust, recognition and authority gained through the delivery of content that answers people’s most pressing questions or provides solutions to their problems.
  • A valuable asset to place at the heart of a wider marketing campaign.
  • They’re relatively quick and easy to produce, especially if you already have an archive of blog posts and other content that can be combined into an eBook.

So, if you’re looking for ways to diversify your marketing mix with a broader range of content types, it’s certainly worth thinking about how you could use eBooks. They will help you to stand out from your competitors as an expert in your industry and show your clients you can offer real value.

Long-term brand value for your business

Axonn can guide you through all the steps of creating a highly professional eBook that meets your goals. From brainstorming topics that fit with the needs of your buyer personas to collating the content from your blog posts and putting it all together into a design that chimes with your brand style, we’ll be there.

While longer blog posts have been found to perform well, as users value the in-depth content, eBooks go one step further. The format sets an expectation for the reader that they are getting quality, valuable knowledge that is worth dedicating time to consuming.

This is time that they will be spending with your brand, which should not be underestimated in terms of nurturing loyalty and having a lasting effect. They can then refer back to it in the future and be reminded of the expert knowledge gained via your business.

If you have questions about how to get started in this area of content marketing and how to get the best results from it, Axonn has the experience and knowledge to help.