How to get the most out of ebook content – the dos and don’ts

Using an ebook as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy is a smart idea. After all, the content that will go into it is already there in the collection of blogs you’ve been building up on your site.

Putting these articles into a long-form piece of content packages them in a way that looks impressive and will provide value for your customers. As a result, you’ll be able to use them as a way to turn leads into sales.

Like all carefully crafted pieces of content, there are ways to make your ebook particularly successful. Conversely, there are also common traps that prevent your key asset from achieving its full potential. Make sure you know which category your techniques fall into and get it right every time.


When creating your ebook, think creatively about its design. This is going to be a hero piece of content and therefore it is worth spending time getting graphics and images right. While you may be constrained by a number of things when producing blogs, ebooks let you be more adventurous.

Include links to other media and assets within your ebook. Remember that it is part of an overall strategy and therefore does not have to stand on its own. This includes your call to action, which should reflect what you would ideally like your reader to do next.

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Format your ebook as a PDF, as this way it will be easily downloaded and highly shareable. It should be viewable on multiple devices, including desktop computers and mobile.

Market your ebook far and wide, with links to it on social media, your website and even in your email newsletter. It doesn’t cost anything extra to distribute it on multiple channels and this way you’re getting the best possible ROI on the time and energy you spent creating it.


Don’t give away such a high-quality asset for free. Use it as an incentive for potential leads to give you their data. An email address in return for knowledge and expertise that will benefit your customer is not an unreasonable price to pay. You can then use this data to guide your customer along the sales funnel.

Don’t let sections become big, uninviting pieces of text. Split them up with subheadings and imagery to ensure your content is easily digestible. Ensure that it is properly structured for the best possible user experience.

Like any area of your content marketing strategy, don’t just assume it’s achieving the goals you’ve set out for it. Track its progress through key performance indicators (KPIs) to prove its worth and make improvements to your process next time around.

Once your ebook has been created, marketed and deemed a success, don’t just forget about it. Most industries undergo changes on a fairly regular basis and there’s no reason why you can’t revisit your ebook and make an updated version available a year or two after you published the first one.

Following these simple steps can help to ensure your ebook content performs to the full and drives all-important awareness of your brand and generates leads. Knowing what to do is only half the battle though, so contact Axonn today and we can produce an electrifying asset to help your business stand out from the crowd.

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