Launch Campaigns

Launching a new product or service is an exciting time and you want to ensure you’re making a big splash – integrated launch campaigns can do just that.

When your business is preparing to launch a new product or service, you can increase your chances of success with a dedicated, carefully planned marketing campaign. 

You want it to stand out from the crowd and introduce your new product or service to the world in a memorable fashion to achieve the best results.

What impacts a successful launch?

There are many factors that come together to determine the results you can expect to see from a launch campaign, such as:

  • How effectively you have defined and targeted your audience
  • Your idea of what ‘success’ looks like
  • Setting clear goals
  • Effective use of marketing content
  • How you encourage your audience to participate

The last point is a particularly important one. The wide range of content types available to businesses today means there are many ways to support your launch with engaging assets that will capture people’s attention and get them talking.

But if you don’t know what success looks like then it’s impossible to decide if you’ve arrived. From the beginning, you should know what your goals are and plan each action to take you there. These can vary from driving awareness of the product you’re launching right through to creating sales.

You must also have the tools in place to measure success, as this will not only show your return on investment, but also influence future campaigns. These must be implemented from the beginning, otherwise the data they produce will not properly reflect your marketing efforts.

Image credit:iStock/Herman Vasyliev

Visual impact

Launch campaigns should have impact. Creating a selection of graphics, for example, can make a big contribution to your launch by adding an engaging visual dimension to your new product or service. Interest will increase significantly if you’re able to provide people with well-designed visual materials that complement your other marketing assets.

Video content can also prove highly effective when you’re looking to drive interest in a forthcoming launch. Videos have a proven ability to engage viewers and convey information that people will remember.

How to integrate campaigns

You’ll also want to create some high-quality blog posts, PR materials and other written assets to drive traffic to your website and go into more detail about what you’re launching, and how it can benefit your customers.

All of these assets should work together and feed into each other in order to achieve maximum impact. A well-considered strategy will ensure the interest created is carefully funnelled towards your call to action and not wasted.

Axonn has extensive experience in delivering graphics, video, blogs and various other forms of content to clients in a wide range of industries. From creating assets to crafting and scheduling blog posts, we can take the stress out of your launch campaign.

We can help you drive interest in a forthcoming product or service launch and get positive results from your marketing every time.