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We helped BlackFog rank on the first page of Google and increased value of traffic by 50% 

BlackFog is a global cybersecurity company that specialises in data privacy and protection. It provides advanced endpoint security solutions to prevent unauthorised data exfiltration and mitigate threats from ransomware, malware and phishing attacks and protect sensitive business data. Looking to enhance its authority and search engine visibility, BlackFog approached us for strategic support to establish the company as a leader in its field and drive quality traffic to its website. This is what happened when BlackFog met Axonn.


Increase in website traffic


Increase in traffic value


Page ranking in Google SERPs

The Challenge.

There were several things BlackFog hoped to achieve by enlisting our help. Due to the importance and complexity of their industry, BlackFog needed to find effective ways to engage with technical buyer personas using quality content and copywriting. 

The company also outlined its objective of wanting to establish authority in search engines to target commercially viable keywords that would improve its site’s SERP rankings. The organic keyword landscape in the cybersecurity sector is highly competitive, and BlackFog’s top rivals have already been investing significantly in SEO. 

We put our heads together and began to outline a plan.

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Our Approach.

The first step in our approach is always to listen to what our clients need. We got to know the team at BlackFog to understand their business and the goals they hoped to achieve. All of this information was used to inform keyword research which underpinned our strategy. Armed with a deeper knowledge of the client, we devised a plan and advised BlackFog about what it would take to grow its online presence. 

We conducted a competitor analysis and the results indicated that the best course of action would be to double down on SEO copywriting, targeting relevant competitive keywords to generate quality traffic from users seeking BlackFog’s services. 

Together with BlackFog, we agreed on commercially valuable and obtainable keywords, which we regularly reviewed and updated to increase the breadth and depth of keyword penetration. Using these keywords, we built out BlackFog’s organic SEO strategy. This involved producing informative and educational content to supplement conversion-optimised pages, which were supported by rich media such as videos and custom graphics to enhance engagement. 

We knew that to achieve the most powerful results, strategy and data had to underpin our entire approach to content creation and campaign services. Supporting our clients in an ongoing process, and through monthly snapshots and full quarterly reports, we’ve been able to significantly improve BlackFog’s domain authority, the number of keywords targeted and overall traffic to the site.

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The Outcome.

We identified the term “data exfiltration” as a long-term target keyword due to its impressive search volume, commercial value and high competition. Ever since, we have seen huge success and the results speak for themselves. 

Since executing our campaigns, BlackFog now ranks on page one of Google SERPs. We focused our strategy on pioneering the term “data exfiltration”, and the top organic entries using this term on BlackFog’s website account for 15 per cent of all organic website traffic. 

Ranking well for this highly competitive keyword means that BlackFog has a huge boost in data exfiltration-related keywords, which may be less competitive but more commercially relevant. As a result of our SEO analysis, strategy and execution, the value of BlackFog’s traffic has increased by a whopping 50 per cent to $14,900 per month (£11,900). The quality and relevancy of keywords have increased, displacing irrelevant keywords that the website ranks for, leading to growth in overall traffic quality.

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