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How Axonn helped Cambridge Judge Business School compete for the most promising students around the world throughout the height of the pandemic.

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) is an internationally established institution that’s part of the University of Cambridge, located in the United Kingdom. As one of the world’s leading business schools, it’s known for its rigorous academic programs, research excellence and strong industry connections. As such, CJBS must compete for the most promising students from around the world.

“Our goal was to promote Cambridge as a study location for prospective students who weren’t able to visit us because of COVID travel restrictions. Axonn created an amazing marketing campaign involving a set of immersive films, to be delivered with a 3D headset, microsite and a supporting direct mail campaign to add impact.

“It was so creative – they covered the entire project: strategy, filming in 360 degrees in multiple locations, print design and production. The project was unique and made a great impact on our audience. They also managed the complexities that occurred around COVID with ease.” 

– Ruth Watson, Corporate Communications & Marketing at CJBS.

The Challenge.

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Axonn was faced with the task of positioning and promoting the esteemed MBA programme at CJBS as one of the best in the world by creating an exciting and immersive project.

With travel restrictions in place, we had to create an innovative and captivating campaign to attract top talent from around the world. This challenge provided a rare opportunity to showcase CJBS and Cambridge through engaging visuals that reflected the school’s adaptability to the changing educational landscape.

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Our Approach.

Before advising the client, we made sure to listen carefully to their unique needs and to understand the context of the challenge they faced, which was to convey the benefits of the city of Cambridge and the MBA programme itself while attracting students against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Gaining deep insight into the mindset of prospective CJBS students was crucial for crafting impactful video content and an innovative experience that made the institution stand out from its competitors. 

Through extensive strategy sessions, we identified the motivating factors that would resonate with potential students and developed targeted messaging accordingly. We knew that as well as communicating the unique value of the Cambridge MBA programme, it was paramount that we showcase the legacy and rich heritage of Cambridge to prospective students while international travel wasn’t an option. To do this, we had to take an approach that resonated with students adapting to navigating a virtual-first world. 

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The Outcome.

Axonn’s efforts successfully bridged the physical divide and inspired prospective students to join CJBS. Through the distribution of personalised packages, each featuring QR codes linked to a microsite with engaging videos, we effectively connected with prospects.

These packages included informative brochures and branded goggles, providing a unique augmented reality experience that showcased the vibrant CJBS community, all within the safety and convenience of their homes.

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