Podcasts & Webinars

Explore interesting topics in an engaging way that delivers real value for your audience. Podcasts and webinars can be an exciting addition to your marketing activities.

Once you’ve spent a lot of time producing content like blog posts, email newsletters and videos, and gained some positive results from them, you might be starting to think about other digital marketing opportunities and how they could benefit your brand.

This could be the time to try experimenting with formats like podcasts and webinars, which are an excellent way to diversify your marketing mix and deliver real value to the customer. They sound impressive within your repertoire and will feed into your other marketing methods seamlessly.

Axonn offers a range of services that can help you derive maximum value from podcasts and webinars. While podcasts are usually exclusively in an audio format, webinars are a more multimedia artform and are often held in real-time and sometimes with input from the audience.

There are pros and cons associated with choosing one over the other and just because webinars appear to have more bells and whistles than podcasts, doesn’t necessarily mean they will suit your purpose better. When deciding on the route to go down, consider everything from the topic you will cover, to the demographic of your audience and the strengths of your presenter.

We can support you with developing ideas and planning the production of podcasts, or in some of the technical elements involved in recording a webinar. If you’re new to this type of marketing, then rest assured that Axonn has the expertise to guide you through the process painlessly.

Professional podcasts and webinars

Thanks to our background in video production, we can also take existing webcam footage and edit it to create a more polished, engaging end result, for use in anything from internal communications to email marketing.

If all of your other marketing assets are in a written form, podcasts and webinars will stand out and show how dynamic you are as a company. Everyone responds to different types of content in their own way and audio and visual materials will tap into another area of your chosen demographic.

Your archive of podcasts can prove to be a useful asset and one you can refer back to in your marketing communications. 

When properly optimised for SEO, your potential customers can find episodes through search queries that answer their questions and explore topics your company is an expert on. This will work to increase your authority and improve engagement with your business.