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How best to use webinars in your content strategy

Webinars may not be the first tool you turn to in your creative content strategy, but overlooking them could mean losing out on potential lucrative leads.

The average viewing time for a webinar is 61 minutes, according to GoToWebinar, which is a long time to have your audience’s attention for.

Of course, to get that attention and hold on to it means creating an engaging webinar that provides value for your customers. Get this right and you could be using them as an effective part of your creative strategy. Here’s how:

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Hit the lead time sweet spot

Plan about two weeks of lead time into your webinar schedule. This is enough notice for your audience to clear other commitments out of the way, but not so long that they’ve forgotten they’ve signed up for your session.

Send reminders

Email reminders are not just a good way to ensure your participants show up to your webinar, but can perform other functions. Think outside the box and include an image or animation to entertain and engage your reader, or include a link to a piece of content that is related to the webinar subject.

Be specific

Your webinar needs to answer certain questions and address pain points in order to be of any use. Look at the areas that you are an expert in and hone in on the most pertinent points you want to cover. Being vague and all-encompassing will only frustrate your attendees.

Consider co-marketing

An effective way to make sure you don’t go down the same old route is to involve another brand in your webinar. Bringing experts from two companies together will result in something a little different for your audience and for theirs.

Collaborate with the sales team

To drive conversions through your webinar, it’s vital to get the sales team on board. They can help narrow down content ideas to best formulate a webinar that supports their goals. After the event, they can also follow up with participants and guide them further through the buyer funnel.

Choose a format

Just as in other areas of marketing, it’s important not to have an outdated idea of what a webinar has to be. It can be in the form of a podcast, panel discussion or a presentation. Alternatively, you might rely on a deck or video content to help make your point. All of these should be considered in advance and planned properly so things run smoothly.

Give attendees a take-away

Send the webinar participants something to keep your brand front and centre after the event. It could be a recording of the presentation, an infographic demonstrating the main points or the key takeaways in an engaging form.

Follow up on those leads

The whole point of running your webinar is getting people to register and hand over useful details you can follow up on. You can tell a lot from someone who registered and gave you feedback, but those who didn’t show up also offer potential, so be sure to email them too.