Person using a laptop computer from above


Person using a laptop computer from above
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Local SEO and international SEO: What’s the difference?

That’s right, there are two types of location-based SEO and the way you approach improving your results in search will depend on which one you want to target. Most businesses are aware of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO), but many don’t know the difference between local and international SEO. Many factors will play […]

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Google launches SEO Made Easy YouTube series

Google has launched the first episode of its new YouTube series SEO Made Easy. While the search engine has been notoriously tight-lipped in the past about its algorithm and which practices help to put content at the top of its results pages, this could be an interesting peek behind the curtain. What is it? The […]

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Google Search Generative Experience: what do marketers need to know?

Artificial intelligence will have an increasingly pronounced impact on the world in the coming years, and marketing certainly won’t be insulated from its effects. Indeed, marketers and the work they do have already been feeling the influence of AI for a number of years. One particular segment of the industry that looks set to experience […]

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The benefits of local SEO for growing your business

SEO is about more than getting you seen online – it’s about ensuring you’re being found by the right people. That’s why local SEO is a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. Why focus on local SEO? SEO, or search engine optimisation, is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve […]

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Does your business need to hire a search engine marketing consultant?

The overarching goal of search engine marketing is to boost a website’s visibility in the results pages of search engines such as Google or Bing. If it doesn’t sound complicated yet, trust us – it is. Search engine marketing (SEM) is an umbrella term that encompasses search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid advertising strategies.  In […]


YouTube dips its toe into AI with auto-generated summaries

Everyone’s talking abouT AI, right?! And of course, we’re all intrigued about the impact it’s going to have on content marketing. There are so many questions, the biggest of which is will it replace all the clever and creative SEO experts out there. While that still seems a long way off, the big players, and […]

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Beyond keywords: What else does good SEO content need?

Every business needs to factor search engine optimisation (SEO) into their content marketing strategy or risk getting left behind. Without a steady stream of SEO content on your website, you’ll find your company slipping down the search engine rankings to become undiscoverable by potential customers. The most well-known element of optimised content is performing successfully […]

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How local SEO optimisation services can help you grow your business

If you want your business to be seen by your customers online you need to optimise your website for search engines. But how do you make sure your website attracts local and general searchers, as well as on-foot traffic? The importance of local seo It’s no secret that consumers’ first port of call when looking […]

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How does SEO impact the types of copywriting you need?

Your business needs lots of content to achieve its sales and marketing goals, but this must reflect the different purposes of the platforms, buyer journey and KPIs that are being used in order to be successful. Why SEO writing matters Achieving this requires multiple types of copywriting and a professional perspective to ensure your content […]

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Benefits of working with a technical SEO agency

Getting your website seen by the right people is about more than having the most engaging content. You also need to be presenting this in the right way so that people can find it in the first place.  Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about ensuring that when potential customers are searching for relevant terms […]