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Google launches SEO Made Easy YouTube series

Google has launched the first episode of its new YouTube series SEO Made Easy.

While the search engine has been notoriously tight-lipped in the past about its algorithm and which practices help to put content at the top of its results pages, this could be an interesting peek behind the curtain.

What is it?

The series of web videos will combine practical tips and expert insights with examples and case studies to help provide a better understanding of SEO. Optimising online visibility is a fine art and one that’s constantly changing, so these videos should help to demystify it.

Each episode will take on a different element of SEO, so there’s plenty of opportunity to go into depth. Users who watch them all will be able to build up a bank of knowledge that can then be applied to their own internet presence.

Who’s it aimed at?

Google has said that SEO Made Easy will be aimed at both those with no prior knowledge and the more experienced in the world of SEO, so it looks like there’ll be something for everyone.

Martin Splitt, from Google’s search relations team, said: “We have tips for beginners and experienced website owners. We will cover tips, such as using Google Search Console to find low-hanging fruit or using lazy loading for a better page experience.”

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Benefits of using it

Among the benefits of watching the videos is that the information is coming directly from Google. This is an unprecedented step and cuts out the need for experts to decipher the changes implemented when the search engine updates its algorithm.

Like all technical things, however, it can still be useful to work with knowledgeable professionals in the field to ensure you get reliable results. Being a student of SEO Made Easy will invariably give you an advantage in a wide-reaching discipline.

Ronil Mutha, strategy lead at Axonn, said: “SEO Made Easy – the title says it all. Having something of an SEO course straight from the source should reduce a lot of the confusion and ambiguity with strategy and rankings.”

First episode

The premier episode of SEO Made Easy covered modifying site names. There’s a selection of tips on using structured data to ensure Google can easily identify your website’s name. It’s followed up by a reminder that any changes won’t necessarily mean instant success. The search engine needs time to process the amends.

A request to have the homepage re-indexed can be made via the Search Console, for those looking to reap the rewards more promptly.

Future episodes

It’s not yet known how many episodes of SEO Made Easy will be produced, but there’s already a number of topics that have been released. These include:

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