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6 time-saving Google Chrome extensions for marketers

Google Chrome was released in 2008 with the intention of making web browsing faster, easier and safer for its users.

Features such as easy synchronisation with Google accounts, speed and simplicity helped Chrome make a fairly quick ascent to the top of the browser charts.

It’s now by far the most widely used browser, a considerable distance ahead of Apple’s Safari.

One of the most popular aspects of Chrome is its selection of apps and extensions. These time-saving, convenience-boosting tools are a big plus for users who have become accustomed to the speed, immediacy and efficiency offered by ever-evolving smartphones.

Chrome extensions can be particularly beneficial for busy marketers, who spend inordinate amounts of time online and often find themselves trying to do multiple jobs at once.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful add-ons available to Chrome users, which could make a big difference to your working day if you always find yourself short of time.

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1. Momentum

Momentum is deceptively simple but as a productivity tool, it works.

Every time you open a new tab in Chrome, you’re greeted with a photo of the day (which are always stunning), a motivational quote, your task list and your self-prescribed focus for the day.

Seeing your task list and motivation for the day glaring at you every time you open a tab to load Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics or any other other frequently used tool can be quite the motivator.

2. Pocket

Pocket is a useful extension if you often find yourself coming across interesting, relevant content that you might not be able to look at straight away, but don’t want to forget about.

It lets you capture all sorts of content – articles, videos and pretty much anything else you can find online – and save it for viewing across various devices.

Keyboard shortcuts also let you save items to your Pocket in a matter of seconds.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a popular piece of software that makes it easier for you to queue up and share your content on social media.

The Chrome extension lets you schedule the most convenient times to post your content, and all you have to do is click the Buffer icon whenever you find a page you want to share. 

Add your text (or select the text within the post that you want to use) and Buffer will post the content to your chosen platform in your next available slot. It’s an easy way to quickly and steadily share content, ensuring you don’t have lots of posts appearing on your feeds all at once, and also that you’re not going for too long without sharing anything.

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4. Nimbus

Taking a screenshot can be a time-consuming and fiddly process, but it can also be very useful when you want to incorporate imagery into educational and informative marketing content.

Once you’ve captured the image, you might find yourself spending a lot of time transferring it to photo editing software before cropping, resizing and resaving.

Nimbus can make the job easier. It’s a dedicated screenshot and screen recording tool that lets you do a range of tasks, including instantly sharing your images or videos and directly uploading them to platforms such as Slack.

5. Boomerang

This one is for Gmail rather than Chrome itself, but if you’re a loyal Chrome user, the chances are you rely on Gmail as well.

Boomerang is an easy way to take control of a number of email-related processes, such as advance scheduling of mailings to be sent out and giving yourself reminders to follow up on messages you never got a reply to.

6. Planyway for Trello

Trello is a hugely useful piece of software if you’re a fan of making to-do lists and visualising your team’s workload.

Planyway is a dedicated extension for Trello users that helps you get even more out of the platform. It has features including a split-screen function that lets you view your Trello board and Planyway calendar on the same page, so you can drag Trello cards from your boards into Planyway to schedule them.

Other useful capabilities of the app include visualising project roadmaps, coordinating various workflows and tracking how much time your team spends on Trello.

All of these extensions are useful for increasing your output and efficiency, but if you’re looking to make bigger changes that drive your marketing performance, Axonn has the experience and expertise to help.